Thursday, January 12, 2006

Suzie : A Very Confused Women !

Something I Left On Assorted Babble .
I Guarantee You It's Not There For Long !
Suzie Deletes My Comments As Soon As I Post Them !

Blown up here .

It's not the best comment but it's the point .
The Far Right is afraid to hear the truth or even
confront someone of different views .
It's her prerogative . It's just so childish .
Personally I love the negative view points .
I love to banter !

24 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Keshi said...

huh I cant read any of it...font is too small and unclear...


wallycrawler said...

I'll zoom it up a bit sorry !

jungle jane said...

i can't think why, Wally. Every blog needs a heckler:-)

wallycrawler said...

Ya exactly ! That's why I love you Double J.

jungle jane said...

i would have replied on the blog "The fact is sir you are a KNOB".

thats not left wing is it? surely that's just rude??

ing said...

Depends on which side of the door the knob is set. "In" is on the right, "out" is on the left.

I love to go out.

Hey, Wally -- today I bought a used copy of the Poppy Z. Brite biography of Courtney Love. Ms. Love looked pretty cute before the surgery, but to each her own, I guess.

Die Muräne said...

Good job Wally, give them fire.

Dave said...

Ok man, this place kicks major ass, Ima toss a link up on mah page... and I'm not even gonna ask.. muhahah

Jozee said...

Wally , I can't understand why anyone would bother trying to communicate with anyone that thinks Alfred E. Neuman make a perfect president. But if it feels good do it.

As for Courtney, poor thing ,I don't think I'd get over Cobain either. She's like a hardcore Marilyn.

jungle jane said...

that's a NICE way of establishing sexuality, Ing.

"and which side of the door does your knob set?"

in is for straight, out for gay. easy.

nice job, ing.

Wally, could you ask the Right Wing Guy where his knob sits? We would like to know...thank you...

sage said...

You want Alfred E. Neuman for president? (smiling) It'd voted for him in 2004 compared to the options we had.

I could read your second post, but not your first. Can you post it again? It's interesting reading the comments Suzie deleted. My deleted comments are in my blog and Christa's posted her deleted post in the comments section of my post on Suzie's comments.

I don't mean to be the moral cop here, but do appreciate that you used f*** instead of spelling it out. Some of the comments have gotten out of hand with profanity. I also wish all sides would stop name calling. (I admit, I probably crossed the line when I questioned whether or not she was literate). Of course, if you took out name-calling, I wouldn't have been so incensed at the post to fire the first shot, nor would there be many comments as many of them contained no substance, just ad hominem attacks.

wallycrawler said...

JJ. : Suzie has a problem but it's not with me it's with the 1st. amendment .
"And Ya I am a bit crass" !

Ing : I truly am jealous of were you live . If I was there I would be at the tenderloin every nite ! He He . Wouldn't it be cool to live at Alcatraz . Living on that island looking over the city . "Cool" ! "It's a fixer upper that's for sure" !

P.S. : I told you about Courtney in confidence...Shhhhh.

D. : You and I are brothers from different mothers dude .

DJ : Welcome brother love your site . Love your photos !

Jozee : I would just like to get to communicate with her . Suzie has a good heart [I think ?] she's just misguided . I think , Sue thinks of herself as a Patriot . To open up debate is to open up knowledge . Something they are afraid of I guess ?

wallycrawler said...

You have good points Sage . Your so right on all points !

jungle jane said...

Wally you should start up a blog pretending to be the First Amendment. She'd like that...

ing said...


God, I thought I was being all covert and shit. I've got to brush up on the code.


Alcatraz is not only cool, it's effing (<-politeitude) freezing! If you end up in the Tenderloin, bring a raincoat.

Satan said...

you are serving me well

jane is here too she will soon not be here but will be with me in a fiery pit of hell

you can come too because you have done my bidding well

i think i need to work on suzie

i need to find her before jesus christ gets there

i need a link to suzie

wallycrawler said...

Master : Link to Suzie on Crawlspace , scroll down to George Bush and click on comments .

P.S. Master , I love what your doing with your hair . Sa at the orgy .

wallycrawler said...

Double J : I'm secretly in love with Suzie . I bet she's smoke'n in the sack .

I was visited San Fransisco when I was 14 . My family went on a cross country trip and we stopped in San Fran. for a day . We went to Alcatraz Island , Fisherman's Wharf etc...What I remember most is the city was so young , everyone living there was 20 or so and the streets where so alive . My parents went out that night leaving my sister and myself in the hotel . I think they went to a place called Ofarrell's theatre [I'm guessing on the spelling] it was some kind of strip club/movie house . We asked if they had a good time . Mom said "Interesting" . We left the next morning for L.A. I always wanted to go back though and stay longer . Maybe my wife and I will next year as we are planning a trip across the States .

drunkbh said...

There should be a rule in blogging: If you can't handle criticism, write in a fucking journal not a blog.

As for Suzie's blog, if you are going to write about politics, people with argue with you.... Except me. I hate politics.

Tumbleweed said...

Lovin your sarcastic wit!! Seriously, I wasn't being sarcastic there.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Drunk & Tumble .
"I love both of you gals "! "Wanna get drunk & tumble" ?

Sorry that was just so easy !

wallycrawler said...

Ing : Left , Right now I get it ! I told ya before I'm a moron !

crallspace said...

I wonder if Suzie ever deleted my one comment... her and her readers are just hothead dipshits, especially that "born again redneck" poser. I'm not buying the whole "I was born in South Africa and came here to America, and damn! Their neo-conservative crime politics are great! So now, I've become the lowest form of AMerican White Trash!" What a joke!

These censor-fascists hate free speech more than they do liberals.

wallycrawler said...

She deleted every comment I made about supporting the UAW & CAW . She kept ones where I wrote about losing jobs so maybe there's hope with her . I wont quit until she comes on here and makes amends or rants at me . I don't think I was ever out of line , she said I was rude . I did call her a twit . I thought that was funny .