Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Smug Fuck'n Liar" !

Monday January 23,2006
This "Fuck'n "Dick" had this to say :
"Our economy is strong and growing stronger" .

Dumba da stooge also made a promise .
"With rising energy costs" ...we are committed to "Developing new technologies and alternative and renewable fuels" !
"Nice wording Retard" !

To say that this guy is full of shit would be an insult to anyone who eats shit daily !
"Dumba" we have a renewable resource it's called ethanol we've had this "technology since caveman daz" !His whole speech was about small businesses and how he was gonna help them . Good help the farmers who have the answer to your "new technologies" !

The topper to all of this is Ford announced , not a hour before , that it was closing plants and indefinitely laying off 30,000 workers !

So much for your "Strong Economy" !

Still Alive Da Wallycrawler .

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