Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ReHash :"This Is Dedicated To The One I Love"


Summer 2004 : A cell phone conversation .

"ring ring" "Hello"
"HI Paris" ?
"Hi Paris , it's Mark Gutenberg your west coast publicist" .
"Hi Marty , Waz Up" ?
"Well Paris...We're having a tough time selling you to any mainstream movie companies over here" .
"Oh I see" . "What can I do to help" ? "Should I marry someone like my sister did" ? "How'bout Scott Stapp" ?
"Who" ? "Oh..no not him , are you umm...close to someone more famous" ?
"I fucked Bruce Willis last night , how'bout him" ? "Hot" !
"Bruce who" ? "Oh ya him , no ah , someone under 50" ? "How about Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger" ?
"No , but I blew Jake at "Noboo" last year and Heath at the"Viper Room" a couple of months ago" . "Do you think one of them will marry me" ?
"Excuse me for asking dear , but who haven't you blown" ?
"Clive Owen , I've never blown him" ! "But I did see him receive a hummer from Ewan McGregor at the "Spider Bar" ! "HOT" !
"Ahh Ya" . "OK then , do you have anymore videos around" ? " You know what I mean right" ?
" No what" ?
"Videos of you...having , sex" !
"Oh those , ya of coarse" .
"But not the ones with animals"!!!?
"No , then no" .
"How about pictures of you , nude or having sex" ?
"Just the ones on my cell phone" . "I'm using the phone now" .
"Great , cell phone , great...Paris where are you" ?
"I dunno , where" ?
"No dear where are you located" ?
"Oh hehehe I'm in my car silly" .
"...Are you close to the "House of Blues" ?
"Hon ! I don't even know where my house is" !
"Go to the closest "Starbucks" and drop the cell phone in the men's room garbage can" .
"I love this phone and why the men's room" ?
"You'll look less conspectus going to the men's room and I want those pictures" !
"OK then call me at the "Zanzibar" (562)555-1212 and I'll tell you what "Starbucks" I did the drop" .
"You know the "Zanzibar's" phone number and you can't find your own house" ? "OK...Nevermind" ! "See ya sweetheart" .
"Good-bye Marvin" .

"Paris Hilton's Cell Phone Hacked" !
"Paris has also been signed to do the movie "House of Wax".

7 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

jungle jane said...

you know, Wally you should be Paris's agent. You so should. I'll write her and suggest it, yeah?

Chicky Pea said...

I don't think I know any women that like her. Whenever I think of Paris one word always comes to mind.....

You know, when things were getting really nasty with the ex he did tell me I was Paris Hilton without the looks or money. Geez, what does that leave me?

Ice said...

Useless thing she is.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I was hoping someone would shank her while she was in the joint. No such luck.

Die Muräne said...

haha, I remember when you posted this conversation ;) funny

I think she looks cute in the first picture! Don't know what you have...

wallycrawler said...

Ya I'm glad she got out'a jail .
I've been die'n to re-post that "Conversation" .
It still makes me giggle !


J.J. thanx , but I just got a new job ! And it doesn't consist of chase'n entrails .


Ms.Pea it leaves ya free ta jump my bones !
He was an asshole eh ?


Ya she is Ice . I'd still fuck her for her money . There is a cure for Herpes now isn't there ?


Skank , ya she is a huge skank....? Ooooohhh...! Shank , like stick her . Well I'm sure she got stuck .


Ya D.M. it summer I'm not do'n much new shit !
To fuck'n nice out !!!

Ice said...

I'd diddle her for her money too.