Friday, June 08, 2007

GoodFellas Full

Sopranos Last Show This Weekend .
Shit !

5 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Ice said...

Those storms sure were wicked...:)they flew by too quick though... damnit.

At least we got a second showing.


I was stuck in the middle of that bad-ass tornado 22 years ago... we (mom sis and I) were rushed into the Holiday Inn at Ferndale to take cover... I was 6... it was pretty scary because the tornado was ripping apart the houses on the street above us!...we could reach out and touch it! Ahh.

Anyhoo... I agree witcha... good storms on Friday ;)

Ice said...

*correction, FAIRVIEW... D'oh.

Keshi said...

I dun watch the show so I hv no idea Wally mate :) Hope u enjoyed it.


wallycrawler said...

Ice they were wicked . We hid in the basement , pussy eh ?


It was good thanx Keshi .

Ice said...

I'll never forgot almost 3 years ago... the night I brought my youngest son home from being born... Day after he was born, August 2nd, 2004... was a real hot day... then about 9pm it got really cold in a hurry... storms rolled in, sky was a funny colour... I actually made a bed for us all in our basement, took his basinette down, diapers, blankets you name it... I was sure we were gonna be havin' a tornado...

It was just bad because I had this 28 hour old baby!


I didn't hide in the basement on Friday, I actually sat outside my front door watching it... when the rain started slapping me in the face, I went in and watched through the door window from the couch, huggin' my little boys.