Thursday, June 21, 2007

Racisim'n Market'n ? Naw !

Ever Wonder Why This Generation Hasn't Beat'n Racism ?

Me Too !

19 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

tkkerouac said...

I recall those, where are they from?

concerned citizen said...

L>T here

lovely images! advertising is so powerful & people just don't get it.

Chicky Pea said...

Whatever the reason I'm sure it's my fault. If you haven't checked out my latest post you may want to. I think you'll really enjoy it.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Minx . Ya these were Pillsbury's answer to "Freshie" (remember Freshie) And "Kool-Aid" .
They were pretty popular too . I can remember the ads during Saturday morning cartoon shows and "Lost In Space" . I also remember buying the "Goofy Grape" and it taste'n like shit ! Fuck'n saccharin had a wicked aftertaste !


Hey L>T or C/C now eh !?
Marketing is everything now . It doesn't matter how crappy the product is , or who makes it , it's all about "The Sell" !
You and I get it , but unfortunately most don't .

Hey L>T have'ya ever looked into "Adbusters" before ? I've been a member & supporter for a few years and I think most of what's being said in their mag and advertisements are right on !

Ice said...

OMG, Injun Orange.

JC, guess they aren't on the selves anymore.

I remember FRESHIE!

F.J. Delgado said...

Those are ridiculous!

jungle jane said...

Who is the Cherry dude supposed to be??

wallycrawler said...

Ice Princess how ya do'n ?
You really remember Freshie eh ? I thought you were a young thing . That was Canada's answer too Kool-Aid . I think it was like 7cents compared too 10cents for Kool-Aid . There where other drinks too . "Loud Mouth Lime" who looked suspisously Irish & "Rootin-Tootin Raspberry" who kind'a look like a pimply Cowboy . They changed all the names except "Goofy Grape" in 1966 . Why they left that who knows ? The same reason there still is "Aunt Jamima's" pancake mix I guess !?


F.J. that is an understatement . They're a fuck'n insult . "Chinese Cherry " became "Choo-Choo Cherry" after 2years existence on the shelves . "Goofy Grape" stayed "Goofy Grape" for the existence of the product ! Well into the late 70's .
That's not all !
There is a modest Fan Club for "Funny Face Drinks" . Guess what is the most coveted drink packs ? "Loud Mouth Lime" , "Injun Orange" & the most coveted "Chinese Cherry" !
Now that's fucked up !


Double J your guess is as good as mine ?
Who were they marked too the "Nazi Youth Of America" , or the "KKK Kids League" ?

Ice said...

Well, born in '79 here... and whether I remember the actual package, or just the name I don't know... KoolAid, Freshie same shit different pile... however, this certainly is NOT the first time I have heard FRESHIE.

When did they stop manufactoring it?...

Oh, I'm doing most excellent :)

Thinkin' its a great night for patio drinks!

Ice said...

Ever seen Domino?

That black lady that made up words for mixed races?

Oh Holy Hell that cracked me up

Blacktino, Chinegro...

Cleary they won't be making into the dictionary anytime soon but her part in that movie spittin' them off was a hoot.

*forgive me, I've only just seen that movie for the first time on TMN...Most movies I wait to see on my own bigscreen right at home ;)

Rodrigo said...
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hannah said...

i actually remember seeing those on TV once, on "unwrapped", not an advertisement. much before my time, but still disturbing

hannah said...

wally, do you speak spanish?
methinks rodrigo's blog is about personalized shirts, but i'm not sure.
any language other than english?

wallycrawler said...

It's cool Ice . I watch a'lotta TMN too ! Did ya get'n'ta the blender drinks ?


Naw Hannah I don't speak Spanish . I should though my Grandmother was from Panama . Wha'da'ya think , personalized Tshirts eh ?

Hows your summer holidays beautiful ?

wallycrawler said...

Fuck I gotta go to work !

Ice said...

^ Never any good.

Hey, you don't live over by Little Ave. do ya?

wallycrawler said...

No not near Little Ave. , but it's funny you said that cause I was cruise'n all over that area last weekend . Do you think ya saw me ?

Ice said...

I was cruisin' over there Saturday evening to my friends patio for cocktails... and just looking at the houses, landscaping and roadlines, it looked similar to the pic you had up a while back of your bike and stuff... I dunno, long shot, thought I'd ask.

You know I'm over by the hospital right, off Georgian.

Well, I am... lol

Maybe I did see you, and didnt know it...

I saw a couple dudes on bikes but didnt look like your bike pic.

We had fun gauking at each others though :) haha.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Loudmouth Lime was my favorite, but they didn't hold a candle to Fizzies.