Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wild Thing On Broadway !

Listening to Stern this morning and Howard had on Craig Gass . Craig is a great stand-up comic and a master impersonator . His best impersonation is Sam Kinison , probably the greatest stand-up comedian of our time .One of the best bits on the old "testicle" radio show was Gass as Sam . Seems a telephone wire broke off and fell on Sam's grave , giving him the power to call Howard any time he wanted . Kinison would tell Howard how Hell was and who was down there with him . Anytime a famous celebrity would die , "ring ring " !

Stern owns the rights to Sam's biography and wants to put Kinison's life on Broadway , with Gass staring . Maybe in a couple of years the next generation will be laughing at Sam again . I hope so !

Re Hash : The Day The Comedy Died .

I''m at home , sick . God I hate being sick I'm the biggest baby when I'm ill . I will just curl up in a ball in front of the fireplace and watch TV . My wife will paint a room , cut the grass , do the laundry , wash the floors & make dinner , all with a temperature of 101 . How do women do that ? Men are such babies ! And I'm the biggest !!! Anyway today I decided to watch a old video , something I haven't seen for a while . I searched around awhile and pulled out a piece of gold . "The king of stand up comedy"...SAM . OH OH OHHH !!! If you don't know who Sam is stop reading now ... OK most everybody is still here right ? Sam Kinison was the funniest man ever with a microphone . They're other's Richard Pryor , George Carlin , Bill Cosby and of course George W. Bush "he kills me ", "literally" . None of them could hold a candle [what does that mean anyway] to Sam. The first time I saw Sam Kinison it was on the Rodney Dangerfield's HBO special . Rodney had seen Sam on the circuit and had really discovered him . One of many he had discovered including Roseanne Barr & Jim Carey . But Sam was his favorite . Mine too . Kinison said things and did things on and off stage that are truly memorable . Like when his wife & him were involved in a fight the night before he was going on the road . She pretended to make up with him the next morning , "I'm sorry baby , I love you baby", she packed his luggage & proceeded to hide a loaded 38 in his carry on bag . Nice eh ? Ahh...When Sam got out of jail his wife had cleaned out the house and left him penniless . Priceless !

When I herd him tell that story for the first time I nearly pissed myself ! It goes to show you never let anyone touch your bags especially the woman your screwing around on ! "The Wild Thing" was Sam's badge , one that was well deserved . Sam started living with a " scream'n hot" model & then got caught boffing her equally "smoke'n" sister . Instead off getting his balls cut off , he talked both of them into moving in with him . "WA DA FUCK "!!! How do you do that ? Or how about the time Sam was flown out from Los Angles to New York to tape the "Joan Rivers Show" ,on her dime ! He'd had just got out of rehab . That morning he stopped by " The Howard Stern Show " . Howard was teasing him " Hey your not very funny since you quit the booze " ! Kinison went to the dressing room grabbed a liter of champagne & downed it . He wasn't finish with one , he got drunker & drunker as the show went on , and funnier and funnier . That night he didn't show up for his date with Rivers . She was pissed ! She had a whole hour devoted to him and he fucked her ! Joan Rivers was not going to stand for that, she had a studio full of people & no guest . So she went to his hotel with a camera crew & banged on his door . " Sam are you in there " ? "Why didn't you show up "? " Are you drunk again" ? That's crazy , funny , wild shit ! Sam had that effect on most women , he'd fuck them & then they would fuck him even harder . From his exploits with Jessica Hahn or his stints on "Saturday Night Live" everything was full of danger and risk . When Sam went out for dinner or drinks wait staff would fight to serve him . He was huge tipper, if the bill came to a thousand bucks he would tip a thou . Sam never lost sight of his former self , a revival preacher , he always came back to God . In his last days he started preaching again . Ironically Sam was killed by a drunk driver . His last words were "I 'm not ready", looking up at the sky ,"Alright...alright". Sam Kinison was great and I couldn't give him justice by writing any of his bits so I'll recommend one of his DVDs . "Breaking The Rules" pure gold !!! Also the biography "Brother Sam" by Bill Kinison "really well written & funny"! God Bless you Sam thanx for the laughs . Da Wallycrawler

12 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

L>T said...

Gosh, I'm going to have to watch him, now. I always had a little trouble with his voice, All that screaming. Maybe it distracted me from really listening to him.

Andy kaufman was my favorite obnoxious comediene.

wallycrawler said...

Andy had a great sense off humor . He was always on . He would prank anyone who came in contact with him . His characters were so strong some people thought they were real .

Someone we know tries very hard to emulate him !

L>T said...

Sorta. I might say your 'persona' is a little Sam kinisonish(?).

Both those comedianes had that crazy glint to their eye. i saw the documentry on Sam Kinison. I can identify with the whole ex-religion thing.

Toby said...

Good rite up. You did Sam justice.

I saw him in Milwaukee a few days before he was killed. Best live comedy ever.

...the people live in the fucking desert, why do we send them food? WE SHOULD SEND THEM LUGGAGE!!!!!

wallycrawler said...

Me , like Kinison ? Naw more like , "me , like asshole" or a lest that's what my wife sez !

Toby my cousin and I had tickets to see Sam's last performance at "Massey Hall" in Toronto , but friends of ours had a wedding that week so we couldn't attend . We gave them away to someone , who knows who ? I wish I'd seen him . You were way lucky !
Ya that was a great bit ...Also the bit about the "homosexual necrophiliacs"...That one kills me !

PDD said...

Shit! I know I need to comment more often. I've just been dealing with a bunch of shit and now onto looking for ANOTHER job. Eff!

I will have to come back and read this later. I seriously have no time at the moment

Toby said...

You know, he actually threw the microphone down and walked off stage because the lame ass crowd booed him. NOT ME. About 15 minutes into his routine, he made some comment about it being good to be back in Michigan. The crowd booed, and he said "like your that fucking into your state." And the crowd booed again and BAM went the microphone and he was gone.

I was pissed at the crowd. But the 15 or so minutes I saw were excellent. Then he died a few days later.

The Phosgene Kid said...

He and Bobcat Goldthwait took screaming to an all new comedic high.

L>T said...

Wally; you sexy thing, it's my birthday. If you love me come over & answer a question.

~d (tilde) said...

Hey! Holla from (someone?) abt Richard Gere blowing chunks...Umm, now I forgot what I was going to say...OH! MARLBOROS!!!

Anonymous said...

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