Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Eight Charged .

15 year old Jane Creba , a grade 10 student , was gunned down in a hail of bullets nearly six months ago . Six others were injured . Eight young men were charged yesterday in the murder , all have gang ties . One other youth will also be charged . Police have been seeking extradition warrants in England .

Jane was a good student and a sports star in her high school .

Mr. and Mrs. Creba have been brave and patient during this whole ordeal . Jane was their only child .

Re Hash : Crime Is Commerce !

Crime is associated with evil ! I think that's so , but I also think crime is commerce . Here in Toronto and the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] shootings have become commonplace . On Boxing Day , Dec. 26th. , we have large sales and people line up outside stores all day for some of the bargains . On the last Boxing Day something tragic happened in Toronto , a little girl was shot to death lining up to buy some clothes for school . Many others were also injured . The killers or killer have not been charged . What was the reason for this senseless act ...Drugs , Money , Power ! These acts don't only happen in Toronto , I know this is happening where you live too . I bet we all have thousands of stories , all with the same results , innocent people , mostly children , dead .

What was the response from the police ? Well the cops want more money . Like that's gonna help ! "We need more police on the street to combat crime " ! Bullshit !!!!! Da government's response ? "We need more laws to outlaw hand guns " ! Fuck'n Bullshit !!!!!!

What we need is JOBS ! What we need is EDUCATION ! What we need is a HIGHER WORK ETHIC ! What we need is TEACHERS WHO GIVE A FUCK ! What we need is MORE SOCIAL ASSISTANCE ! What we need is Mothers and Fathers to take responsibility for THEIR CHILDREN ! What we need is MORE MONEY for the working poor ! What we need is THE PUNISHMENT TO FIT THE CRIME ! What we need is to LEGALIZE DRUGS ! What we need is , HONESTY ! What we need is A FUTURE !!!

If the only way for young black kids [ ya I said it " BLACK KIDS" ]to make a living is to sell drugs , guess what ?
"Don't think so hard" ! If the only way out of poverty is killing , guess what ? If the only way a kid from the streets can drive a new 300 is Ho'n , guess fuck'n what ?

Children grow up think'n "what am i gonna be" ? All kids think that way , I did , so did you . All children imitate what they see it's a part of learning . They also learn from figures , father , mother , brother , teacher , etc... If their mentor is a drug dealer or a prostitute what's their future ? "Don't think so hard" ! Part of dealing is area . Question ? : If Johnny's area has 20 crack dealers and Johnny needs to buy his mother some smack , and Johnny has 15 rocks , how many crack dealers does Johnny need to kill to make enough money for a gram of black tar ? That's a tough question , but not for a kid in the hood ! The answer is ..."Alofem" ! You see Johnny doesn't care ! He doesn't care about them , or about you , maybe even his mother . But most of all , Johnny doesn't care about himself ! He has no self worth and no integrity . It hasn't been taught these things because nobody around him have them . Plus Johnny thinks he has no future . He will never say it but Johnny's thinks he's worthless . You know what ? He may be right ! Hey , he could be lucky , like his dad. His dad killed enough dealers that he took over the neighbourhood ?" He could be king like dad man" ! At lest for a while . Until some other young , strong , dude steps up and kills him . Just like old pops . When that little girl was shot that Thug was trained . Like a Doctor or Lawyer a Thug is trained . He is taught a Thugs life of , not caring , watch out for the other guy , kill first or you'll be killed , survival of the fittest or craziest . That Thug was trained for that moment when he pulled the trigger and ended that innocent life . You know what ? He doesn't care ! He wasn't taught to care and he will probably never care . Even when he says he cares . He's lost ! His life should end . That's the harsh reality . We must make the punishment fit the crime . "Sorry Johnny Your Dead" !

The only way to change all of this is to change our way of thinking about society . Crime isn't faceless or random there is always a reason . MONEY ! "If I got none , how do you get some "? The easy solution ? Sell ! Sell your body , sell drugs , sell your soul . If you think you don't have one [ soul ] that's a very easy trade . Sex & Drugs are fun , let's face it , they're f'n fun to do ! That's why we do them ! That being said what is the easiest sell besides yourself ? "Drugs baby drugs" ! They're all around us and they are the easiest sell , they're the answer to all of our questions . Even when you don't have a question or a quest ! "Remember when you got all fucked up and George fucked you up the ass "? " No" ?" Neither does George" !" That was fun though" ! I know that didn't hap'n to you but we all know people that it did hap'n to . Always a good time , everybody has a story or two or three . Sometimes the stories get old , sometimes they come to often . That happens . Most of us get out of it or never get a habit . Some don't . When they don't the cycle of crime is about to commence . That addict will soon steal from friends and family , steal from work . steal from stores , steal from other dealers and if they don't get help , die . Die ugly ! A very grisly death ! We all know a few . Some were compatriots some were not . I love when these social scientists or therapists come on TV , "These young people have nothing to live for that's why they do drugs " ! Bullshit !!! If that were a fact the rich and the famous wouldn't do them it would be a 'class' problem . It's not ! It effects every walk of life no matter how much money , fame or success we have . We have to face the fact that drugs are fun ! That they will always be fun ! On a short term bases . Almost every young kid will try drugs [and every adult] . What we all must do after they try drugs is to teach them moderation. We moderate alcohol don't we ? Some don't , almost all do though . This is hard but not impossible . We must legalize all drugs , we must make them tax worthy . Making drugs a commodity is a pretty bold statement and a lot of you will disagree , but here me out . To make drugs legal would create jobs [ Hey Wally always with the jobs ! ] increase our services taxes to spend on infrastructure and education , eliminate drug crime [Ala prohibition] , make our streets safe again , make drugs safer to do and less chance of sickness of overdosing , and so on... "This all sounds so rosy Wally" ! It's not it's commerce and that is why that little girl died in a hail of gun fire . Commerce has it's victims but not like that little girl . That crime and crimes of they're vain will fade away . Here's a scenario . If that girl didn't get shot and she grew up , there is a 90% chance she would have tried illegal drugs of some form . The very thing she was killed over she might have done . That's a sick way of looking at this issue , but it's the truth . We have to see our future and if our future is living in fear because of a social issue , lets change society . Let's kill all forms of racism , let's clean up our neighbourhoods , let's educate every man , woman and child , let's police ourselves , LETS LEGALIZE DRUGS ! Sa Again Wallycrawler .

9 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

L>T said...

this is an issue that really boils my blood! I haven't read all the post yet, but i will. I put up a post recently about the crimminal justice system. Nobody gets it. they will after it's too late & the US becomes a Police State.
G. Bush's favorite saying, "We are a country of Laws!"

I say, "We are a country of making people crimminals."

Arrrgh! I'm frustrated Already!

I'll go look at the dick I wish was yours. :)

wallycrawler said...

I never been for frustrated about an issue than "drug laws" . They are archaic and assinnine ! I'm glad you agree .

Any quote by George Bush makes my position more valid ! Thanx !!!

Blonde Vigilante said...

Do you know how people that build prisons decide how big to make them? They look at the third grade reading rates of a particular area. The lower they are the bigger the prison. That's pretty fucking sad.

What you speak of is my life. I work with people who try to prevent society from turning to shit. Some might call them philanthropists. Whatever.

It gets really frustrating sometimes b/c you can spend your whole life devoted to that kind of work and feel like you haven't moved one inch or cenimeter (in your case)...but you can't stop matter how hopeless it may seem.

L>T said...

Here is some stats I picked up, regarding the US, back when I did a post on our legal system in April. I don't even think they are updated to 2005.

The US is #1 in the world for prison pop. 2,135,901
The Us has 5,069 prison institutions.
13 million people in the US have felony convictins.

I just want to scream, "Wake up People."

I wonder what the statisics in Canada are?

L>T said...
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Toby said...

I read about Jane Creba the other day when the people were charged. How terrible. My city is not even a quarter the size of Toronto and we have about five of these every year.

I fully agree with your entire post.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Blondie , I guess Georgie's education cuts will be great on future crime ? When are we gonna get people in power with have a brain or at least a smidgen of common sense ? Where are the Roosevelts and the Trudeaus of are time ? "Please somebody stand the fuck up and take fuck'n control" !!! Umm...excuse me .?

Waz Up I>t still think that's my penis ?

We have a lover crime rate and so a lower prison population . But we're catching up and a "new" Prime minister with the same great knowledge ol' George Bush has , so expect even worse penalties for pot smokers and alike . Our "new" PM makes "Dumba" look like a fuck'n genius !

Toby , I'm a pretty strong man , not a giant , but you know , strong when it comes to "tear'n up " . When that story first aired , I was at home in bed watch'n the news . It was Boxing Day , nothing happens on frig'n Boxing Day . Half asleep I hear that story . I sat up and started to cry . I couldn't fuck'n believe what I was hearing . I was thinking about that beautiful little girl , she was beautiful , and then I started thinking about her parents , I started to cry again , FUCK . All night I couldn't sleep , I couldn't let it go ! Let me say this girl was not your average person . She was involved , smart , a great student , an athlete . This girl was going places . Now I'm gonna say something else , maybe not to "Politically Correct" . If we took up all 9 of those "young adults" lives they couldn't make up a quarter of what that girl was or would be .

Hopefully these "puny thugs" make something of their lives , I don't think they will , but I pray they will . I think we'll all see their names again in similar crimes , because with our laws they'll be back on the streets within months .

L>T said...

It might as well be yours, for all the good it does me. :)

I blame alot on capitalism. Conservative Capitalists.
The trouble with the prison system is; it's a big business.
So is policing. In my little town the City police are under threat to lose their jobs because of budjet cuts So they go out of their way to bust everyone for what they can, to justify their existence.

Nobody wants to really address the issues or work on long term solutions. In that, you are right that there is no future.
Because everyone is thinking about what they can get their grubby little hands on now.

Toby said...

Fuck PC! You're a man and you tell it like it is. No fucking white washings.

I spent a few months in the clink, I met a few of the half lifes, they should be put down. As harsh as it might sound, there is no helping most of these born urban terrorists. You made some valid points in your post about education, JOBS, some how getting the POINT across that responsibility for not only you or me, but others as well. WE do not need more police, more laws to enforce the laws that aren't enforced. Once again, you're correct, any money should be spent on better teachers, better schools, job creation. I'm no expert on how exactly the money should be spent, but the fat cat law makers have it way wrong.

Wally, your not alone. I sometimes cry, whimper over the plight in north American cities. We, Canada included have it so good but we have it so bad too. Yet we tell every other country how bad they are. When will we fix things at home?

I'm rambling now. But hypocrisy runs rampant here.