Saturday, January 31, 2009

Your Economy: "Wally-Nomics 101"

Where does the money come from?

As we all know that the Federal Reserve CORPORATION prints money - then loans it, at interest, to our government, ( Ya did know that didn't ya?) but wait until you see what a total scam this process is.
Before we get to the meat of this issue, let's remember one thing about the very essence of banking - primarily that money should have some type of standard upon which its value is based. In the case of America, we operate on what is called a "gold standard" (i.e. our money is backed by gold). So, with that in mind, let's look at how money is actually created, and at what cost.
If the Federal Reserve wants to print 1,000 one-hundred ($100) bills, their total cost for ink, paper, plates, labor, etc. would be approximately $23.00 (according to Davvy Kidd in "Why A Bankrupt America").
Now, if you do the math, the total cost of 10,000 bills would be $230.00 ($.023 x 10,000). But, and here's the catch - 10,000 $100 bills equals $1,000,000! So, the Federal Reserve can "create" a million dollars, then LEND it to the U.S. Government (with interest) for a total cost of $230.00!
That's not a bad deal, huh! The banking industry calls this process "seignorage." I call it outright THEFT. Why? Well, regardless of the immense profit margin ($1,000,000 for $230), plus the huge interest payments, our government then needs to STEAL the American people's money to payoff their debts via a Mob-like agency called the IRS.
So the bankers steal from the government, then the government turns around and steals from the people.
I'm no genius, but who do you think is getting screwed in this process? US - the people at the bottom rung of the ladder.
What's worse is that - now catch your breath - there's NO MORE gold left in Fort Knox! It's all gone.
In other words, the GOLD STANDARD that our financial system was based upon is now an illusion. We can't convert our money into gold --- only other currency. The entire underlying basis for our money is now a lie - a sham.
The Federal Reserve has become so arrogant that they've become a literal MONEY MAKING MACHINE, creating currency out of thin air!
So that's where the Fed gets their money - they literally make it, then lend it to us so they can make even MORE money off of it.

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I like this guy at Pushhamburger. He states the truth.
Yet again most people don't know the truth about how monies are created.

The only way to move forward is to design a new humanity.
The first step would be to stop buying slave made goods in China and the Far East.
Stop buying foreign made goods. Jap cars would be a good start! Japan has the strictest trade barriers in the world and have never been equal trading partners!
Then reestablish trade with equal trading partners. eg: Europe.
We should only trade products with countries that have equal salaries and benefits!...

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Die Muräne said...

Banking is a very dirty business. As you wrote, most people have no clue what's it really about (sometimes not even the employes in a bank office!). I must admit that Switzerland profited many many years from this business. No a fact to be very proud of...

What they try now to 'solve' this crisis leads only to more of the same!! You're right: we need new ways. to buy local is always a very good way to do something in your own world!! Very important!

And there are other ideas for new ways. Maybe the have no chance - because big business tries to keep the power.

Google for Silvio Gsell and his ideas for example.

Rita said...

Good post. Buying local IS important. Recycling clothing & other items instead of buying new is also a way to efficiently get the most out of things & of course there is the bartering system.

Blogger said...

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