Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It Was The First Clear Dry Day Since November. So...

I Barried Da Needle!

I Think I'll Post A Few Of These This Year.

Have Ya Along On My Bike. Other Guys Cars.

Wa Ya Think?

Sa Later


7 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Anonymous said...

You're gonna get a ticket :-)

Die Muräne said...

bad boy, hehehehe!

Ice said...

I'd be up for the ride.

I have been the passenger for a speedy ride a couple times. I love it... although with all these damn kids running around now, its not so suited for me.

A friend of mine showed me what his "beamer" could do up Anne street a few years ago... it was scary!!!

Yes, watch those coppers... no tickets needed!

I tend to drive like a dude, know my perimeters and have a heavy foot.
I miss my sporty little Civic, but my Nissan has MAJOR ballz! V6 baby!

wallycrawler said...

It's fun to open da car up a bit!

Anonymous said...

your worse than the behemoth!
I'd be smacking you with my colossus purse if i was there. Which I wasn't...so..yay me!

Anonymous said...

*colossal * not colassus

wallycrawler said...

Hey Kim.

Behemoth eh?

See ya this week. Dee's cum on Sunday right?