Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wallycrawler Prognosticator Extrodenaire

It's that time'o year again, "Super Bowl".

And the annual Wallycrawler "Super Bowl Lock".
Well not a "lock" fer sure, cause I lost last year!
But it is kind'a cause I couldn't get a bet that would give me the Vegas odds... So I did win. Cause I didn't bet.
I did bet this year.
Not much, a small bit just'ta make it interest'n, cause I'm guess'n it wont be much of a game.

So here it goes. Bet on da good guys...

Not da assholes!
Put your green on da Steelers and take the 6 1/2 points. Shit take 7 if that's what it takes fer your buds to part with their cash?!
"Wally Sez Pittsburgh Will Cover handley"!
& I Know....? Noth'n, so take it with a grain'o salt.
Have a Great Day America!
Don't drink'n drive, don't beat your wife.
Sa Later.

Recap: OK I'm a total retard! I blew the game!
& if you used my advise, shame on you.
I was way off on it be'n a bad game too.
It was a great game!!!
Hope everone had fun, had a few, and ate way to much.
Wally OUT!

1 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when you put those predictions in print? You aren't alone, SO didn't cover either but at LEAST he didn't make a big bet. It really was an awesome game, as far as games go and the half time show was GREAT. I generally don't even watch, glad I didn't miss this one.

And it sounds like you had a good time so..... that is all that really matters. It was low-key and relaxing for me.