Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's That Time Of Year Again...

With the addition of some last minute donations, our team exceeded
last years numbers. But we fell short of our goal of $10,000.00.
So next year Joan has some new ideas on how to spice up and rejuvenate the team.
Next year we'll meet and break the $10,000.00 barrier!!!

Thanks to everyone that donated time and money to this years walk.

From My Family, Again, Thank You!

Again I Come Out Of Character To Ask You For Support To Help Cure Juvenile Diabetes.
Last Year's Walk Was An Outstanding Success For My Daughters Team "4ALLTTHEKIDS".

Hopefully This Year We Will Do Even Better!

If You Would Like To Contribute To This Upstanding Charity. Simply Click On The "4ALLTHEKIDS" Name Or The J.D.R.F. Picture.

Then When At The Web Site. Type In Joan Wallace , The Team Name "4Allthekids", All One Word, And The Place Of The Walk Event, Barrie Ont~Heritage Park.

That's It, It's Easy!
Any Contribution Over $20.00 The Giver Will Receive A Receipt, So you Can Also Write It Off On Next Year's Taxes.

And Thank You.

18 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Keshi said...

Very noble deed Wally!

I love ur pic just below :) Looking good!


wisdomstuff said...

Site is down. I'll try later :-)

wallycrawler said...

Thanx everyone.


It is Keshi yes it is!
I'm not the noble one though, It's my wife Joan and my Daughter!

Wise-Woman you have a great heart!

I love ya!

Ice said...


You have a heart of Gold, my friend.


wisdomstuff said...

Wally, just so you know, the site was acting screwy. I actually donated twice. It's fine just didn't want you to think I wasn't aware of it.

And you're welcome :-)

wallycrawler said...

Wise-Gal yes I did see your generous donation and we all thank you very much. That was very sweet of you to do that, as you did last year also! I think your a good friend, I really do!

Die Murane and all the other bloggers that donated money. Thank You Very Much. I love you guys!


Thank You Princess, but it's people grouped together that make a difference in life. Strength in numbers!

wisdomstuff said...

Thanks Wally. :-)

handmaiden said...

Hey wally,

I also have family involved in fund raising for J.D.R.F.
I'm always more then happy to donate to this worthy cause, my 34 year old niece is alive today because of advances in Juvenile Diabetes research.

wallycrawler said...

Your welcome Wise-Chick.

Hope ya feel da same?


Handmaiden hey gal!

I do know about your niece. Tell her that, we are very , very close. That she'll never have'ta worry about diabetes again. We're very close to the "Artificial Pancreas"! A computer that monitors blood sugar and delivers insulin atuomaticly. Amazing technology!!!

wisdomstuff said...

Totally mutual Wally :-)

wallycrawler said...


The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope the researchers can find a cure once and for all.

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