Monday, May 26, 2008

Hey Guys! Just Came Back & I'll Post Some Pics. A.S.A.P.

Ya Know It Would Start With Sex, Right?

Here's A Panorama From The Top Of The Castle At The Alumbra In Granada Spain.

I Just Finished It Quick So Don't Be To Critical OK?

Me On The Vilamoura Beach In Portugal

Vilamoura Marina. We Ate At A Different Restaurant For Every Meal At This Beautiful Marina. Never A Bad One Either. Fantastic Food In Portugal!

Chill-Lax'n On Our Apartment Patio. Ya That's A Lake! Steph Would Feed the Ducks Every Morning. The Fuck'n Frogs Were A Pain'n'da'ass At Night Though!. A Frig'n "American Idol" Song Contest Those Things Put On!!!

Vilamoura Marina At Night.

The Best Beach In Portugal...Lagos.

Lunch On Da Beach In Albufeira.

Look'n Out On Granada Spain From Da Garden Window At The Alumbra.

Da Last Two Nights We Stayed At The Tivoli Vilamoura Marina. Fantastic Hotel With The Marina View On One Side And Ocean On The Other. This Pic Was The Last One We Took. Kinda Fit'n I Think.

Now We Have'ta Lose All The Extra Pounds We All Put On, Eat'n Some Of The Best Food We've Ever Enjoyed On Vacation.

17 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

wisdomstuff said...

Oh, the life of Wally. You lucky guy, you! It looks like you had an awesome time!

Die Muräne said...

Hee, welcome back in life 'B' ;)

really looks like you all had a good time down there! good on ya.
I like the pictures from this Lagos beach. Have to go there!!

curious said...

Hey wally....

I thought id check out your site and im glad i did...Damn you are sexy!
Now i see why all the ladies want ya...Now I wanna jump your bones...

Back up tasty...Stuff it ms Stuff, melt away ice, wallys got a new galfriend..

wallycrawler said...

Wisedom how ya do'n?

I couldn't figure out how to see your moon and I'm so disapointed! Give me the picture will ya?

And yes we all had the time of our lives. Thanx.


D.M. thanx and now back to work!
Lagos is a fantasic place. I kind'a wish da wife wasn't there...If ya know what I mean?


Curious I told ya before!


hey down here,you can get a hold of me by MSN.

curious said...

ok wally baby... add me ill accept..

see ya on there

TK Kerouac said...

Looks like an amazing I want to go
You look good, I don't see any extra poundage on ya
but I hear ya about eating all that delicious food

So did you pick up any young chicks?

wallycrawler said...

No T.K. I'm a married man.

I did look at some amazing bodies though. I can safely say Spanish women are beautiful, beautiful creatures! Heavenly bodies... floating... in a sea... of (((BLUBBER)))!!!

The whole coast is full of the fattest whales ever to be seen on a beach. And it's not the native peoples. It's The Fuck'n British!!!

In the future I'll post the horrible story of "The World's Fattest Nation"! England!!!

It wont be cruel, but it will be the truth and it's gonna hurt!!!

(((Stay Tuned To That Wallycrawler Dial. Pictures At 11)))

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, you have to go to Osbasso's blog, I think Tracy probably has a link on her blog to there if not I'll hook ya up! Oh, and I'm doing wonderful, thanks for asking. Apparently Ms. Curious wants to know how tight we are, not sure exactly what that is all about.

wisdomstuff said...

And seriously, stuff it Ms. Stuff? LOL, you gotta be kidding, right? Careful Wally, I'm not so sure this one is for real. Here Wally, put this lovely red bow on, I feel I should wrap you up and hand you over :-)

Ice said...

Welcome back, travel butterfly.

Nice statue in the first pic.

Nice fuck me hair! :) lol

Ice said...

^^^^^^^^ Doesn't melt easily!

Should I warn Curious I live a short 10 minutes away from you?



wallycrawler said...

Wise-Gal are you say'n Curious isn't a she? Or is just some other blogger have'n fun with me?

And don't hand me over just yet, the best has yet to come!

Cause if she is a he, I'll flip-out! hehe.


Princess you have noth'n to worry about, I talked to Curious the other night on M.S.N. I think I bored her to death! I think she's/he's a lil' disappointed in me?

I at first thought it was a ol'friend from work, but it wasn't.

wisdomstuff said... Look for last weeks post.

wallycrawler said...

I have now seen da "Moon", thanx Chickie!!!

wisdomstuff said...

My pleasure, Wally :-) Careful for that Curious one, I'm not sold.

wallycrawler said...

You sure it's not you my dear "Former Pea"!

curious said...

what is this. I thought we are all friends on here. You guys are all ganging upon me and thinking im up to no good. I was only kidding about the stuff it and melt away comments. Thats not a very welcoming welcome for me. Wally, I dont think you are boring at all I just havent seen ya online since our last chat.