Saturday, May 03, 2008

I Guess I've Almost Made It!?

9 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

wisdomstuff said...

I hope you have a great party. I thought this was the big one!

Ice said...

Damn, my oldest is gondie for the weekend and the youngest is home sick!

Sorry, I really really REALLY wanted to go :(

I'll still get in touch with you and perhaps we can arrange a visit at some other point. Love to meet you and the wife.

...and you DID promise a ride on the back of the HOG, I'm holding you to that... maybe I shouldn't be 7-8-9 months preggers for that though ;-)

Make it a great day/party, I know you will.

Have a few for me!!!


~Happy Birthday~

Your friend, Court.

Ice said...

Betcha someone's really HUNG this morning... lol

Advil, water and a coffee, sir? ;-)

handmaiden said...

Almost made it to what?

Tasty said...

happy birthday daddy!

u shake me up!!!

wallycrawler said...

Hey guys!

I'm a lil'hung over not that bad though.

Everyone had a good time last nite. I think? Ya they did! Tons'O'Food, so Princess it would'a been good fer you! We'll hook up soon.

This week wore me out, I'm just beat! next week we're off to Portugal and Spain. Da whole dam family.

Handmaiden do I look old ta ya!

Tasty, Daddy-O's gonna give ya a visit around August so be ready. See ya @ Harley's 105th. in Milwaukee! Or maybe @ Sandusky's Motorcyle rally in June.

Die Muräne said...

he congrats matey!!

Ice said...

Hey now, my appetite is still small... at 6+ months prego I've only got 10/12 xtra lbs on :)

I woulda had ONE glass of vino though :)

Toby said...