Friday, November 30, 2007

CSI Miami - Endless Caruso One Liners

Today We Celebrate The Worst Actor In Television History.
He's So Bad, He Great!

5 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Toby said...

I bumped into that guy at O'Hare. I'm not star struck and it meant little to me. About a week later I saw him on Leno and he talked about bumping into some guy at O'Hare.

wallycrawler said...

I've seen huge egos, with zero talent, in the entertainment field. William Shatner comes to mind, but David Caruso takes the cake. Sheer crap!

Every scene: Glasses on, deliver cheesy line, exit stage right.

His voice is sooo...inflected. He reminds me of the "ol'Drity Harry" movies. Total put on. I'll watch that show just for the lead-in then gone. The guys a walk'n, talk'n satire. Of himself!

handmaiden said...

I've only seen the show a couple of times. I never noticed what a dork he was. He reminds me of someone standing in front of a mirror practicing being cool. :)

Ice said...

Too funny, my hubby and I are CONSTANTLY making fun of his oneliners...

Great find.

I'm totally with you on this one.

wallycrawler said...

Hey gals David is sooo funny eh?

A good friend was over last night and he kind'a took offence to it. He loves Caruso and CSI Miami. We all laughed at the post though!