Friday, November 09, 2007

Wallycrawler Presents: Asses: Da Good, Da Bad, Da Ugly!

OK lets start with da...

"Best Ass": That's easy, Jessica Alba!

Runner-Up: Eva Longoria, Nice!

Worst Ass: It was, at one time, a great ass... Britney Spears.

Runner-Up: Sharon Stone.
She's start'n to look like da bitch she is. "Woof".

Now that your all warmed up, a little game.

Wallycrawler's "Name Dat Ass Game"!

Below there are some famous asses.

Put a name to dat ass.

The answers will appear in the comments & yes I'll post the answers after I see how ya do.

The winner gets a date with Da Wallycrawler. The loser gets two!

1) Who's dat?

2) Who's dem Bums?

3) Careful now it's not that easy. They're a few surprises!

Good Luck All.


12 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Ice said...

I saw Shakira's ass... and Pam's ass.

Not sure about the rest, they just jumped out at me those 2 though.

GREAT EMINEM SONG!! Hubby and I were listening to that last weekend all hammered, laughing our asses off at the DOINGDOINGDOING!


Come check the piercings at my place... ick!

wallycrawler said...

My My My young Ice I thought fer sure you'd know every caboose on the screen...but nooooo.

Yes Shakira's ass is present and so is Pammy's, I think those were the easiest. Your 2 fer 12 sorry dear you failed!

I still love ya though...I'm just a lil'disappointed!

Ya know I'm not a huge Eminem guy, but that song is frig'n funny.

wisdomstuff said...

You been tagged dude! XO

handmaiden said...

O.K. wally, I'm pretty sure all these asses are 100 percent feminine.

What did i win?

Die Muräne said...

I don't know this asses. They are not big enough for me

wisdomstuff said...

Do we get a male version?

wallycrawler said...

Oh Wise One...You are wise enough to answer that man ass on my blog, ever!


Die Murane I didn't know you were into big booty. Shakira's arse not big enough fer ya?

OK next time I'll post Queen Latifah's big bad butt just fer ya!
You like'em with a little junk and cheese eh? ;)

OK I'll let da cat out'a da bag.
What blogger has an ass shot in this post? And where is it?

Ice said...

To be honest, I didn't spend enough time actually looking to take any more guesses... yep, just spotted the easy ones... er rather the ones I'm most interested in looking at...

Yeah, totally frig'n funny - that song!

wisdomstuff said...


wallycrawler said...

Nobodies guess'n so I'll post the answers.

Clockwise from right the right.

1) Kate Hudson: nice bum, no tit, beautiful face. Pam Anderson: the real Miss Canada! Jessica Simpson: The future ex Mrs. Wallycrawler! Gwen Stefani: "No Doubt", great ass!

2)Carmen Electra: Very well used, but still holds up, fer now! Giselle Bundchen: I think Leonardo DiCaprio must be gay, who would stop hit'n that ass? Beyonce: Whoo I'm in love, again. Avril Lavigne: "Canadian Rock Princess". And my snaggled tooth sweetheart.

3)Jennifer Lopez: Big Bad Butt! I can't believe nobody got that one!

***Our Special Guest Ass..."Wise -Ass", Wisdomstuff. Hot stuff babe!***.
Lindsay Lohan: "NICE"! Enuff said. And last, but definitely not lest, da whopper...Shakira.

Talk amongst yourselves.

TK Kerouac said...

I knew that was wisdoms ass, it has a distinctive feature...
Do I get a prize?

Keshi said...

heyya Wally age does things to the ass I guess...the younger u r, the better ur ass is :)

I cant guess any of those asses...mebbe cos I dun look much at women's asses? LOL!