Monday, November 26, 2007

Will The Real Trent Lott Please Stand Up

...Mmmm...On Second Thought Sit Down There Big Boy!

The BIGGEST fag basher/racist in Washington has been exposed as a closet Homo.
Isn't it always the way. The guy point'n fingers and put'n people down for their lifestyles,
is the very thing he was try'n to destroy. This is the man that backed Bush during the worst civil rights abuses in American history. He resigned yesterday, because he "Loved Da Company Of Men".
Especially the company of a very young Benjamin Nicholas.
I really don't care what he does after work. hell during, I just hate a hypocrite.

I myself could never have figured out that such a butch man like Trent, liked the Hershey highway?

Sa Wally

Man this story is growing fast.
"The Right" is swinging hard at this young escort that Lott has had "alleged" gay sex with.
There call'n him every name in the world including a plagiarist! He hasn't even spoken yet.
Now the story unfolds that the story is going to be a piece done by Larry Flint (Hustler).
Larry Flint posted a reward for sex stories about the Republican Party last year. Kind'a modern day "Bounty Hunt" for "Fascists Fucks"! I know this sounds absurd. But it looks good on those dirty tricksters.

28 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Ice said...

Did you fart around with your template to allow you to put your shit up on the side to extend ALL the way to the right?

Mine gets cut off, waste of damn space... like 3 inches.

Sup, budddy?

wallycrawler said...

Ya Prince I did do that exactly! Ya wanna know how ta do it? Tough ya don't like my new look!


I tell ya how ta do it if ya want?

BV said...

Just goes to show that bigotry ain't colorblind.

Crabby said...

Can't handle a hypocrite. They're lower than pig poop far as I'm concerned.

wallycrawler said...

B.V. Yup ain't "it" colourblind, but it does usually have a colour, WHITE!
That group down there in Washington are the evilest back of wolves I've ever seen. The leader of the pack almost died yesterday and ya know what? That wouldn't have been a bad thing.


Crabby I thought you were gone!
I'm gonna go over there and see what ya have been write'n for the last 8 months or so.

Trent Lott has a voting record of supporting alienating civil rights of all gays and blacks of America. Just a total scum bag. A God Fear'n Scum Bag To Boot!

Ice said...


Uhhmm... I gots a (|) tyvm!

Yeah, maybe oneday you could walk me through how to do it... seriously, such a waste of space.

I didn't say I DIDN'T like it!!! I said I prefered the other one... but all the same, it looks good... shhh!

...saucy bitch.

Anonymous said...

ummm wally is this substantiated by facts or are these rumors?
I googled it and saw some gay escort rumors but I can't believe such a high profile politican would be so careless. So unless this comes out in the legimate press(if there is such a thing)I'm gonna pass on this one.

I could care less cause most of the politicans are hypocrites, liars and thieves.

You are right tho, the ones who shout the loudest are usually the ones hiding stuff.

wallycrawler said...

Prince??? Fuck that was a type-o eh?
OK anytime ya want I'll show ya how to make your...Fuck it I'll tell ya now.

Click on template. Then click Edit HTML. First thing click on "Expand Widget Templates" Now scroll down to "header-wrapper". There you can make your header larger. Mines now set @960px. So if you like that size, use that. If not make it bigger or smaller. That's kind'a obvious isn't it? I'll stop that, sorry!
Now scroll down to "outer-wrapper" make it the same size for geographic looks, or not, whatever.

Scroll down to "main-wrapper" there you can make it any size you want. Mines set at 610px so I can fit in the larger "sidebar-wrapper" which is set at 320px. Play around with any of these ya want. It my take ya a few times to get it to your like'n. After your finished click on "Save Template" at the bottom of the page.
Viola done!

T.C. Ya think this would be covered by "Fox News"?

Not yet anyway.

Remember ya seen it here first.

It is the gay escort "thing" as soon as he came out, Mr. Lott quits. Funny how that happens eh?
Have ya ever seen so many anti-gay men turn out to be gay guys ever? This stuff is rampant in the last year.

Ice said...

You're such a sweetie...

Thats the second time you've explained something in detail to me like that(video cure a while back too)


Thanks, Walla!

I knew it was a typo... was just fuckin' with ya, thats all. hehehe.

TK Kerouac said...

Nothing surprises me,
In fact

I'll tell you this here because maybe, just maybe its safe

I went on a business trip with my high power X. We had a business meal with 10 other business partners.
At the end of the night, the real handsome business man and my X were having a chat
I saw lust in my X's eyes...

you know that ache in your gut that you can get when you know that something might be wrong...
Well I got that sense that night.
Its the first time I've ever witnessed that between two men
It was a very uneasy feeling

Ice said...

Dayyum, Tracey... I guess it's an uneasy feeling. I don't know WHAT I would have done.

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, you have all the breaking news, dontcha?

Ice said...

Holy Hell!!!

Ice = Stupid.

I screwed around with my template, tried adjusting the settings to widen my sidebar wrapper...

1st mistake ~ didnt' save the original template... d'oh.

2nd mistake, I completely LOST everything off my sidebar... (I heard my videocure, it was all there somewhere, just not in view)

so... I ended up putting it back as best I could to the original number... wasn't sure what it was, I think I settled on 266px or something.

Man... I tried...

You're like a God or something... er, maybe just a little better with computer fucking? I don't know.

I get an A for effort though... damnit!

wallycrawler said...

Sorry Princess I forgot to tell ya you'd lose your sidebar stuff. I thought you'd know that, Sorry Sweetie! I also forgot to tell ya to save your old template. Duhh. I'm stupid too!


T.K.K. waz up w/dat?

My I ask did ya get a little turned on, or just repulsed?
I can tell ya if that hap'n to me my dick would be in my eye! Then I'd dump her. I've had a relationship like that before and it's way to confuse'n for my little brain. And on my dick too!!!

It's a good thing he had cash to keep those monthlies up eh? hehehehe...

Hey, it's his life, let'em live it. Sorry if it hurt ya though. You seem kind'a...Burnt? Over it, don't. It's not you, you're super hawt. It's him. I guess you didn't need me to say that though ?!

wallycrawler said...

Wise-Gal did ya hear the "Break'n News" about Hillery? About her secret lesbian lover?

The Republicans have ta one up that Trent Lott story eh.

I can hear it now: "I'll give you a Trent Lott, a Barney Frank and a Richard Curtis any day for a Hillery Clinton!!!

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, not all Republicans are bad :-)

wallycrawler said...

No they're not. It's just the ones that are in power that are!

Ya gotta admit the Hillary Clinton Lezbo story comes at a convenient time though?!

jillie said...

I have yet to find a Republican I like. Ok, let me clarify that...more like a politician I like AND trust.

Great post here...thanks for stopping by and no, I don't hear that every day ;o))

wallycrawler said...

Jillie thanx and me too. I've had problems with people who have a holy'r than thou attitude. Conservatives always talk out'a both sides of their mouths. They spout about quotes that say, "We need government out'a your lives". Then install Christian ideals as laws. I find most Republicans live in the past, are hypocritical and have smaller brains.

After that I like'em fine!

Anonymous said...

Who had the bright idea to put Fox and...News together in one sentence anyway? lol
It's an oxymoron like military intelligence.
There was one good republican and his name was Abraham Lincoln and don't tell me HE was gay or I'll come across the Ambassador Bridge and kick yer friggin Canadian ass!

wallycrawler said...

Thanx T.C. needed that today! LOL

Ya know what I have alota conservative ideals. I believe in the death penalty, fair taxes for small businesses (they use'ta believe in that)...Things like that. It's just they have been infiltrated by the Fundamentalist Christian movement since Reagan and can't shake'em.

Of coarse ol'Abe was a great great man. Maybe one of the greatest men that ever walked the face of the Earth! No argument here. Who cares if he was gay? Not me! hehe

wisdomstuff said...

Not all republicans are bad ;-)

Cathy D. said...

Your blog is awesome. Homos rock!

handmaiden said...

crimminies! 22 comments! you are popular, Wally. must be those eyes. :)

Some people are conservative, some are people are progressive. It takes all kinds. I'm's the way I'm bent. No apologies. But, I do think(trying not to be biased)that the Republican Party has as you say, been infiltrated by the Fundamentalist Christian movement since Reagan and can't shake'em. I predict, it will bite them in the ass at some point.

Ice said...

Cathy D.

Where has SR been lately?

TK Kerouac said...

Whats a republican?

wallycrawler said...

Wise-One are you say'n your a Republican? OK I still love ya!

Wanna hang out in my Log Cabin?


Cathy D your site rocks too!

Your a bad, bad girl you are.

Wanna hang out in my Log Cabin?



A republican is a nimrod with loose morals, that clams to have all the fuck'n answers!


Handmaidan I prefer ta kick'em in da ass!


OK I'm officially bored of this retard!

Waz Next?

The Phosgene Kid said...

I think all the politicians are fags - they've been giving it to us up the ass since Washington's wooden teeth...