Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Huge Scientology Money In This Film.

Boycott This Movie.

If Ya Wanna See It, Rent "Omega Man" with Charlton Heston.

It'll Be Better Anyways!

Like All Things In The Scientology Cult It Was Stolen Or Borrowed From Something Else!

12 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Janis said...

I remember those films! Thanks for the flashback Wally.

wallycrawler said...

No problems Janis. I loved Heston's movies in the 60's and
70's. One man against the world. "Planet Of The Apes", "Omega Man", "Soylent Green"...

Keshi said...

Why do some ppl fool themselves? I find that hard to understand :)


Ice said...

Where'd your snowy post go?

wallycrawler said...

Me Too Keshi!

Some people need to believe in other things, rather than themselves. The only reality in this world is yourself. Not any religion, man or thing.

God Is You And You Are God.

I don't get me wrong I didn't mean to say you are a "God". It means God is inside us all. We don't need a religion to hamper our progress in society and cause unwanted and unneeded conflicts. Religion was made by men to control, enslave, and just make a profit off the weak of mind.

Now the question Keshi?
Do you believe in yourself?


Princess I had an epiphany!

It came in a crank email. I decided to delete all personal posts.

Die Muräne said...

Lot of my friends call me "sgmdh" (super god murane the ruler). How right they are :p

Janis said...

Come look at all the stuff I bought today.

wallycrawler said...

"All Hail The Exalted Ruler Die Murane"!

"He Knows All And Sees All".

"The Earth Stop Rotating At His Sheer Thought".

"He Devours Worlds, And Craps Heavens"!!!

Ya know I believe in you more than I believe in L. Ron Hubbard! A drunken, satanist, ex sailor, fantasy writer. Yup that's a good biases for a religion , I'll follow dat guy!


Janis I'll be right over...

OK, what no toys? Just boots?...No Cat'o'nine tails?...No handcuffs?...Now that's not very Christmasie!

handmaiden said...

Thanks for the heads up.

You know how I feel about Religion.

You deleted all your personal posts? wow. Sometimes I think I should do that. I have so many different blogs out there & too many E-mail addresses. Sometimes I want to start over with a clean slate...

wallycrawler said...

I dunno if "Da Church Of Scientology" is a true religion Handmaiden? They're definitely a large cult though. They have been try'n to get Religious Status for over twenty years. It's a good thing they only have nimrods like Tom Cruse and even dimmer John Travolta sitting in on congress, or they have had it by now!

handmaiden said...

religion is bad enough without Hollywood idiots. oh wait??? is there any difference?...:)

Wendy said...

I don't know about the scientology stuff, but this movie was great. Good ol fashioned creepy zombie flick. I loved it...probably because I am unawares to the propoganda spewing. No wonder Tom Cruise hanged with Will and helped so much on the film. huh.