Monday, December 17, 2007

Ask Da Crawler. The Answers Are So Simple....

Question: How Do We Handle The Problem In Da The Middle East And South West Asia?

"And if you really want to tame that region, I’ll tell you what can solve the problem: pussy. Plain and simple. Give ‘em strip clubs and whores. Nobody would want to fly a fucking plane into anything. Nobody would want to kill anybody. The problem is, these guys can’t even see a woman’s ankle. You know what? They just want pussy. They want good porno. They want to beat off. They want Howard Stern." -- Howard Stern


Question: How Do We Keep Our Economy And Lower Our Need For Foreign Oil?

"Change The Fuel Stupid"? --Wallycrawler

Ask The Question, I'll Give Ya An Answer!

It'll Probably Be Nonsense, But I do Have Some Answers To Serious Questions.

Da Wallycrawler...

18 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

handmaiden said...

Hmmm, you aren't going to obfuscate like Mitt are you?

Question: Any guesses on who the U.S. Republican candidate will be?

wisdomstuff said...

How do you detect crazy people?

wallycrawler said...

My Dear Ms. Maiden...Who cares who it will be, they're all scum!

Ahh.. that's not a good answer is it?
Handmaiden I predict that the winner of the Iowa race, will become the next "Republican Candidate"! Unless Rudy Giuliani can come back from 3 losses, he'll lose at lest three early primaries, and wins Florida. This is something that has never happen in a Republican primary so I think he'll be done by then. John McCain does have a shot in New Hampshire and if he wins there he could have an outside chance of winning Florida, then he'll be the winner. As I see it now Mike Huckabee has the best chance in South Carolina and Florida. So If he wins Iowa "He'll Be Da Man"

Does all that make sense?
So if I'm right..."Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid"!!!


O'Wise-One that's a very easy answer. Ask him... Him Right? Ask him how do you spell "relief"?

If he spells it, R-O-L-A-I-D-S. He's OK a little slow but OK.
If he spells it B-E-E-R then he's a lay-about so kick'em to the curb.
If he spells it, M-U-R-D-E-R, then he crazy. I guess then you date'em?
If he spells it I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U-R-E-Y-E-S. Then he's a liar, but could be a good fuck, maybe keep'em for awhile.
If he spells it I-A-M-A-M-I-L-L-I-O-N-A-I-R-E. Then marry him and call me I'm be your pool-boy!!!

Ice said...

When one puts a hockey skate through the three layers of screens on a 52" big screen projection TV - how might one fix it without paying the quoted $850+ dollars?

Same as the other answer I was given, go into the Brick and purchase the TV that I paid $1700 for 2 years ago for the mere $999 they sell it for now?


What expensive bad throw!

Ice said...

Yeah, probably like most you're wondering where the hell I went.

I'm here ---------->

I'll be back with a new blog in the new year ;)

Happy holidays, my friend!

TK Kerouac said...

Stern hates himself because he has a "little diddle"

handmaiden said...

Gee whiz! You're pretty quick on the draw. that's a good answer Considering it's a little early to ask those kinds of questions.
BTW, have you heard this one yet?
huckabee's son

wallycrawler said...

Been away on business for a few days. I'll be back later to comment.

wallycrawler said...

Ice, Ice Baby. Nice ta see ya back beautiful.

OK the answer to your questions are:
1) Never, ever buy a rear projection TV. You were right to murder that "baby".
B)If your gonna kill da hubby use a water based poison.
They are hard to detect. Skates are very easy to trace with blood on em, DNA and all.
3)We all kind'a figured what happened to ya.

Sincerely I wish you and the family well this Christmas. Remember why we're all here and take care.
Have a happy holiday sweetheart. Love ya.


TKK he hates himself all the way to the bank!

Merry Christmas Sweet Heart

Seriously: I wanna thank you for what you said about my Dad. That was beautiful. I was feeling like a stone all week. My emotions we're rocked last week. I couldn't even cry...Until I read what you wrote! Thank You Dear For That.

Handmaiden are you say'n I'm a genius?...Thank You!

Merry Christmas L>t. Take care of the twins.


Wise-Gal I want you to have the best Christmas this year. You deserve it!

Toby said...

Korn is not the answer! LOL

wallycrawler said...

Oh ya did ya know this Handmaiden?

Mike Huckabee had his stomach stapled!

His Son is creepy eh?

wallycrawler said...

No Toby, "Korn" is not the answer!

Cellulose Is!!!

Have a Happy Holiday Bud!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I think you are on the right track on the middle east situation, but I think they are into young boys -literally.

Have a great X-mas Wally!!

wallycrawler said...

Yes Kid your right, small children and goats are the answer.

"We Need Goat Porn For The al-Qaeda"!

Then the middle east will lay down with like lambs. Literally!

Toby said...

Environmental impact on the earth is horrible when burning fossil fuels. You know it causes not only damage to everything, but it causes war too. Even though cellulose based fuel seems on the surface to solve the most prevalent problems, it still will lead to major environmental damage (aka, every farmer growing corn for fuel, every land barron giving using land to grow corn to make our gas). It's a start and it is in the right direction, but it's not a remedy. Hemp is a better option, cattails are even a better option. Sugarcane is the best option, but to grow those crops other things need to be sacrificed.

Technology is available to run our cars without the need of petrol. It's been around for a long time. It's the petrol companies and their lobbies that hold it back.

Wally, I hope you realize no matter what you or I do, there is nothing that can beat the lobbies and the war mongering idiots. All we can hope for is the outspoken blogs to gather support.

I'm glad I will be dead when the real shit hits the fan.

TK Kerouac said...

Wally I don't think you should delete the post about your dad. Be proud and leave it up.

And you should weep tears whenever you need to.
You never know how a post is going to affect someone.

Last week, my father asked if I would spare some time so he could show me what was happening to his camera disc

I told him I was in a rush

After I read your post,
I let him demonstrate what was happening with his camera and he wanted me to look at all of his photographs he downloaded onto the TV (he is painfully slow at this also, lol)
This day, I had the patience and even took a photo of him doing it

All because of your post. Because time spent with aging parents is priceless. You just never know when they can go and I'm sure when they do we all have some regrets

Hope you are ok this Xmas
and thanks for sharing your Dad post

wallycrawler said...

Toby hate to argue the point about ethanol...But...cellulose is the past and future fuel for small vehicles in North America. It wont be made of corn or sugarcane. It will be made of straw/wheat and wood, mainly Manitoba maple or birch saplings.

Sugarcane is fine for Brazil or Venezuela, where more than half their vehicles run on E85 American made cars. G.M. or Ford. Here we have a better idea. In Ontario straw and hay crops can grow about three, sometimes four, crops a year. Probably the same in your area? With our land mass just in my area we could support the Eastern seaboard with ethanol easily for a year. Each and every year. Plus the amount of Crude oil we have in the West it would take hundreds of years to use it up. Plus their finding more and more tar sands. The whole "Fuel Shortage" is shear Bull Shit! If we really wanted to stop the need for foreign oil. Geothermal would be the answer to power our cities. It works in Iceland. Why not here? Now I'm go'n way off topic again.


T.K.K. OK I'll try to keep it posted. Thanx again.

Could good care of your Dad. Have a happy holiday.

Toby said...

it's 50/50

Destroying one thing to make another is not good policy. If you dig a little deeper into NG's articles you'll find bio is not the answer, it may be a good start to get people thinking, but it's not a save all.