Sunday, December 09, 2007

America Is A Cultist Dream World!

I can't believe America can't find a sane man or woman to become President. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are two of the craziest, wackiest, weirdos ever to come into power. They both make George Bush look normal!

-->Mike Huckabee believes in a world of illusion and confusion brought about by Satan. That Science is EVIL!

That this is Satan's, world he controls it. Blacks are the children of Satan. The enlightened children of Jesus, or God are white. This is the path of the Evangelical Christian. There are sects of the Catholic faith that believe the same thing. Mel Gibson is part of one of those "Sectarian Catholic" sects. They also believe Jews are in league with the Devil. They turned their back on Jesus forever to do his bidding!


Mitt Romney is a proud man of "The Church Of The Latter Day Saints"
Da--> Morons! I mean Mormons!!!
Mormons will preach to you that they are "Christians", but they're anything but Christians. They believe in their own land, a secular land. They believe they will become Gods after death...

Ya gotta watch the U-Tube video to understand what kind'a cult Mormonism is! This is not made-up stuff. This is the "Real Deal"!

If you have followed my posts on Scientology you will see how L. Ron Hubbard created some of his "Philosophies", from "The Book Of Mormon". I believe L. Ron crafted his "cult" on the stories of "Mormonism". That and his dealings with the Occult. I really don't think he had an original idea ever! Enuff about that, this is about these dim-wits!

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My Last Word Goes to Bill Maher.

My Last Word Was Gonna Be Bill Maher, "cause it really is kind'a funny"!

But now It'll be the only sane man on TV, Lou Dobbs, and one of

America's best writers, Christopher Hitchens... "More Enlightened"

Sa Ya Later My Children

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Anonymous said...

L Ron Hubbard was a complete scam artist....but everyone knows that Or should.

wallycrawler said...

He was a SCaM fer sure, but he did believe in the "Satanist" ideals. Confuse, confound, lie, destroy...

That was and is his "Church"!

Janis said...

The republican party is going to implode, shit it already has!
L Ron Hubbard created Scientology from a bet he had with his friends had on who could create the best religion. It was for ten dollars or something crazy Wikapedia it.
I think all religions are ridiculous and selfishly dangerous.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Mormons make the SS look tame.

handmaiden said...

I'm stymied, too. but as the saying goes, nothing happens in a vacuum There is always a logical explanation. I've figured out why some people fall for this stuff. In our society we are taught that religion(God) will save us. We also learn to equate God with success. Religious capitalism sells because our mindsets are geared toward it by our culture. I don't know about Huckabee but Mormonism is steeped in religious capitalism. (google Mormon Inc.)
We live in this weird climate of fear & some people think this will save them.

wallycrawler said...

Janis the whole Presidential race is a joke. Obama is a joke! His views are nutz on religion. Hilary has her bullshit beliefs. She believes in Science over her so-called Christianity. She has to lie to get elected!

The republicans are insane and the democrats are liars. What's worse?


Hey Kid Mormons are the SS!
They're the KKK of religion.


Yup Handmaiden.

I do believe in a creator. I just don't believe in an organized religion. I'm not a atheist or will ever be one. I do believe in science. I think science backs up everything that there is a beginning and a end. Our world proves that. Our lives on this world proves that. I wont elaborate anymore. I hate proselytizers!

TK Kerouac said...

they are all pychopaths.

Die Muräne said...

psycho shitheads!
It could be very funny... if there wouldn't be the danger to wake up one morning and realize one of them is in power

wisdomstuff said...

You search out the weirdest ass people, don't you? Should I take that as a hint? :-)

wallycrawler said...

T.K. & D.M., crazy is what crazy does!


Their "your" Presidential candidates Wise-Gal!

These are the front runners to become the President of the United States! I'm have'n fun at your expense, ya, but this is crazy! If any of these clowns wins the election, your country and the rest of the world is in deep fuck'n shit! They'll blow up the world in a second. These idiots believe in the "Rapture" and The War to end all wars "Armageddon". They want to be in place to fulfil these prophecies.

Handmaiden called Mike Huckabee, "Elmer Gantry". He's not Gantry was a fraud, he didn't believe. Elmer Gantry was more like Jerry Falwell, a man of no vision. Just a charlatan in it for money and power.
Mike Huckabee actually believes in what he professes. He's a former Fundamentalist Preacher. He wants to be the man during Armageddon. He has had dreams of it! He fuck'n crazy!!!

Christ leave Bush in power at lest he's just controlled by the Corporate world. These "tards" are controlled by the craziest cults in the world.

BottleBlonde said...

Well hey there, Hillary Clinton. It's great to be here.

Thanks for the low down on the Republican candidates. I can't wait to read your critique of the Democratic nominees.

wallycrawler said...

Sorry B.B. I rarely, if ever critique. My header says "Give'n You Da Truth"! If I find the Democrats believing in Scientology, or Mormonism...Or any other cult, I'll promise ya, I'll expose them for the retards they are!

Besides that I do "criticize" some celebrity's ass's or women's hair. Really any other thing, "not so much". :)

handmaiden said...

Right on Wally.
I bet you'd enjoy this update on the Republican Candidates

Toby said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I wouldn't say we can't find a sane candidate, it all has to do with who has the BALLS to be dragged through the mud by the media. This early/ late? in the "game" it's all about money and a little politics.

wisdomstuff said...

Not that big a deal, but......