Tuesday, January 02, 2007

T.V. Is Better Than Movies !

Wallycrawler's Ten Best Movies Of The Year .
Well There Aren't 10 Great Movies This Year , That I've Seen !
So This Year It's The Five Best Movies Of The Year .

# 5) Little Miss Sunshine : I love road movies ! This film is a great black satire about a loser family that's striving to win . "Little Miss Sunshine" has the best cast of character actors assembled this year , and they all have rich writing and cleaver lines . This movie will be loved forever . See it once you'll wanna see it again .

#4) United 93 : The story about true American heroes aboard flight 93 on that fatal day in September . Heartbreaking , Heartwarming ! A great tribute to "American Nobles"!

#3) Borat ; Cultural Learning's Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan : Is there anyone that hasn't seen this movie yet ? If you haven't just go on U-Tube , you'll get the idea . Satire at it's best . Are Americans this dumb ...? Ya they are ! In Canada we have a T.V. show called "Talking To Americans" it's very enlightening . Borat is that and more . See it !

#2) Pan's Labyrinth : Stories of little girls innocents , wonder , and imagination have fascinated readers forever . This film is no different . The movie unfolds through the eyes of a dreamy innocent child , Ofelia . Her mother newly married and pregnant to a Spanish army Commander , has put her little girl in a very precarious situation . Ofelia must escape her daily horrors though her imagination ... Winner of the "Best Foreign Language Film" at Cannes .

#1) The Departed : Martin Scorsese based this film on a Hong Kong gangster movie "Internal Affairs" . A connected cop raises through the Boston Police department . Earning a spot in their Special Investigation unit . All the while a S.I. officer is being recruited into the cities Irish mob .

Scorsese Kicks Ass , Again !

This puts me onto the real topic ...Most movies suck !

Television is a way better form of entertainment . At pennies to the dollar .

"Borat" is just a T.V. show, "Ali G" . Just put on the wide screen .

With shows that that entertain as well as enlighten and I say create thought on the networks and cable , it's way better and cheaper to stay home . Here's a list of T.V. shows that are better than any movie this year . Except "The Departed" of coarse !

Wally's Best T.V. shows of 2006 :

Huff , The Shield , Dexter , The Office , The Nine (gone but not forgotten) , Heroes , Lost , Survivor , My Name Is Earl , Entourage , Sopranos , Battlestar Galactica (believe it or not great show , just started watch'n) , Friday Night Lights , 30 Rock , Ugly Betty , Breaking Bonaduce , South Park . And the best show on television ?...

"Family Guy" ! Week in week out the best comedy/satire on T.V.

Maybe Ever !

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler .

6 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Fernando J. said...

you have great taste Wally... an excellent list.

I really enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine, and The Departed was my favorite as well.

wallycrawler said...

Thanx F.J.
Ya know we agree with alot'a shit eh ?!

Toby said...

I've only seen United Flight 93 because I agree, most movies suck and 99% of the time I'm disappointed. I will rent them when they come out. Sure, there's something about the big screen, but it really doesn't bother me.

I agree with most of the TV shows. I only watch comedy or PBS. Speaking of PBS, last night there was a Frontline called "The Dark Side." If you havent seen it, I recommend you do. You can find it here.

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Wally!


L>T said...

I never watch movies until they come on TV. & that's only late at night when I can't sleep. Usually they are really old by then.

TV shows? I watch Book TV, Court TV, The history Channel.
BUT...I do love Family guy!

wallycrawler said...

Thanx Toby I'll watch that documentary on Chaney . I hate that old creep !


Thanx Keshi you have a great New Year too !


I>t so your the one that watches "Book TV" ?

I must admit I never heard of that Channel/Network ? Who knew ?

Now "Court TV" is more my speed . I was glued to it dur'n the Simpson case . "The History Channel" is kind'a good too .