Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Re Hash : Remembering Daze Gone By .

I originally wrote this post after our family's vacation in the Dominican Republic 2005 .

It's very close to a friends 50th. Birthday.
I miss ya buddy !
I wish you were here !

I'm back from vacation and everyone had a great time and I have a lot to say about that , but I was looking at my comments and low and behold there's a comment by P.T. I was floored that Pete Townsend read my Blog and he kind of liked it !? WOW ! I've seen the Who a number of times . In the seventies I'd seen them play Tommy Live and after that at Maple Leaf Gardens four times including the " Farewell Gig " . Twice at the old Ex in Toronto and a couple of more times in Buffalo but my favorite time was in 1975 with my best friend Andy [ I think this was the Who By Numbers Tour ?]. We had obstructed view seats , that's all we could get are hands on , so didn't think we would have great site lines, "but fuck were we wrong "! We sat right next to the stage . We where so close we could see them sweat ! This was The Who at there best. We had just seen The Stones in May and they were great , but the Who were , " KABOOM" , "a fury of angst" ! Watching Daltry whip that mike around , [I dunno how he didn't kill Pete ] constantly pacing , screaming . Moonie going crazy on that drum kit , braking his sticks on almost every beat . Of coarse the show stopper was Townsend masterfully windmilling his arm around his guitar , smashing it down , dancing around , jumping and diving across the stage . The laser lights where fucking amazing , but the best was their finale . They would kick the shit out of everything on stage drums , guitars , mikes , amps ...Everything . The real goof was after destroying the stage the roadies would go nuts trying to reset everything . The Who would always come back for 2 or maybe 3 encores . In Toronto The Who were "Rock Gods" way before they were popular in the U.S. they were hot there and they always repaid their fans in Canada . That night I think they did 4 encores and I remember Andy saying to me it was the greatest concert he had ever seen . He loved the song Behind Blue Eyes and I remember him having the nicest eyes , "Sky Blue" ! I guess it's kind of gay to think about your best friend that way , but I do . Andy died a year later in a tragic car accident . That night almost killed me emotionally . Andy and I were going out to a party that night but I cancelled to go somewhere else . It was two weeks before my 18th. Birthday . "Nice" ! Andy was a person of God , he believed religiously in Christ and he brought God to me . I thank and bless him for that . Andy is my Guardian Angel [this sounds crazy] he sometimes comes to me in my dreams and we talk . I'm now quite a bit older but I still miss him so much it hurts ["I Know Very Gay"] and I'll always remember times of talking all night , acting the fools , and that Who concert .
Da Wallycrawler .

8 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

Can't honestly say I remember the color of any of my friend's eyes, but more power to you...

wallycrawler said...

Well thank you Kid .

L>T said...

wally, you left a pertinent comment on my blog, & I'm not letting you off the hook:
Morality has noth'n to do with religion , but it does have to do with God . If that makes sense ?

Ya it does !

I thought that was profound & here is my answer:
wally That does make sense. Because it's not 'God' necessarily as our culture sees it. But maybe 'God' as the individual sees it.

I'm not sure if you always go back & check on your comments to other peoples blog, but, I wanted to make sure you saw my reply. :)

Toby said...

Nice tribute to your friend. Nice tribute to Pete and the boys. Pete Townshend is my favorite, the Who is a close second. I've seen them about 5 times, the first being in 1989. That was a week I'll never forget. The Who played 3 nights, the Dead played the next four nights and then the Stones followed with the next three nights. The Grateful Dead took all the blame for the 10 day fest and were banned from Alpine Valley until 2000 or 2001.

~d said...

Isn't it amazing how some of our decisions can change out entire life? Yours, to not go out with Andy that night...
I, like toby, think this is an excellent tribute.

L>T said...

I finally got around to acually reading your post. I also agree w/toby. this post is a nice tribute to your friend.

I collect LPs (you know those large vinyl discs. ;] ) The Who is one of my favorite bands. Finding a good Who album that hasn't been played to death would be a heck of a find!

BTW, I'm not an atheist although, I get accused of being one all the time. I'm an agnostic secular humanist. it seems kinda silly to have to label myself all the time, but I have to so I'm not misunderstood.

wallycrawler said...

Toby thanx man !


~d Thank you and thank you for the very nice e-mail .


I>t Your a good person with a warm heart . That transcends religion . Your beliefs are yours and they're beautiful . I think freedom of thought is our greatest gift .

Keshi said...

WB Wally!

Im sorry abt ur friend. Suddenly I realise that some ppl dun even get to live till they're 50 :*( LIFE IS SHORT.