Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"I'm F*ck'n Sick Again" !

The best thing to do when your sick is watch movies .
I call these films "Sick Flicks" . They're movies that entertain,
without to much thought or insight . They just make you laugh or feel good .
Most of these movies are well known , so maybe you've seen them before .
If ya haven't , hey give'em a try .

My favorite movie of all time is "Good Fellas" .
I don't think I'd watch it when I'm sick though .
To fuck'n intense !

"The Thing" , OK this is more like it !
Way less intense , ya sure !
No this is a great "sick flick" .
There are scenes in this movie that might be
too graphic for some people .
Haha , f'n babies !
A remake of a 1950's cult horror movie .
Kurt Russell's 2nd film , of many ,
for the "Master OF Horror" John Carpenter .

"Evil Dead II" . This movie rocks !
Written and Directed by Sam Rami (Spider-Man)
and staring Bruce Campbell as Ash .
Ash is a store manager who fights off
demons in a abandoned cabin .
He's forced to cut his hand off
because it gets possessed .
Then he attaches a chainsaw to his bloody stump
His responses ?... "Groovy" !
"A very funny , gross , visually amazing flick" !.

I wrote about "Sin City" last year . It was my 2nd.
best movie of the year . Looking back I was wrong .
It was the best movie of last year !
I can't say enough praise about this movie .
See It ! Now !!!

"Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid"
I think I've seen this movie 20-30 times when I was a kid .
Loved it then , love it now .
This movie was ignored by the Academy Awards in 1969 .
Directed by the underrated George Roy Hill .
They reprized the lead cast of Redford and Newman in 1973
for "The Sting" and they threw every award ,
including "Best Picture Of The Year" at it ,
but it's not half the movie "Butch & Da Kid" was !

"Office Space" was largely ignored by the movie goers,
but it found a audience on video and DVD ,
thanx largely due to Internet buzz.
Mike Judge of "Beavis And Butt-head"
fame Wrote and Directed this knock at
the work'n world . If ya can't identify with any of
these characters , you've never had a job !
Gary Cole steals this movie as one of the best
creeps ever on screen . Stephen Root (News Radio)
also is a scene stealer . If you haven't seen a movie , that was good , with Jennifer Aniston you haven't seen "Office Space" yet !

"Private Parts". PP has a great supporting cast ,

as well as a great script based on Howard Stern's book "Private Parts".

I've wrote about this movie and book numerous times so I wont go on.

Watch and laugh.

Election is a black comedy that failed at the box office .

Film critics and film students supported Alexander Payne's

movie enough that it received some well deserved attention .

The films about a school teacher's (Broderick) nervous breakdown

and his antagonist (Witherspoon).

I love to laugh at other peoples poor decisions .

It just goes to show ya , ya can't

get away with stupid moves...

Unless your the Wallycrawler .

Here is the best of the best when your sick that's on TV .

Starting with the original "The Office" .

Writer , director , and star Ricky Gervais plays the

most annoying person ever created .

The comedy is so painfully funny it makes you winch in agony .

Gervais also has another winner BBC show , "Extras". Catch it on HBO

or rent the full season .

The Shield is the grittiest TV show ever put Television. Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) is the dirtiest , evilest , most conniving , toughest , fuck'n cretin put on screen and the most fun to watch too !

That leaves me with the best of the best .

A 6 hour made for TV , mini series .

Oh that doesn't sound very good does it ?

Watch it ! You'll thank me later .

The best film about the West , ever !

This movie could have the best ensemble cast put on film,

all with rich characters to play . I love this movie . So will you .

The "Hate Me" Video Is For Someone That Just Might !

Have A Good Day Da Wallycrawler .

10 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Toby said...

Good Fellas is great, so is Casino.

L>T said...

I'm not into movies much, but I'm really sorry you are sick. Movies won't make you well. Take your vitamins & drink your chicken soup, for crying out loud!

Chicky Pea said...

Office Space was pretty funny. I have not seen any of the other movies though. I may have to check a few out. Feel better, I still need to catch up on that situation of yours.

wallycrawler said...

Toby ya it's great . I love the open'n scene of Good Fellas . It's all shot in 1 take . It's quite a long camera shot that starts on a boom and then goes right inside of the restaurant . There you meet the whole crew .

One Take Amazing !


I>t I always take my vitamins , but I never eat chicken ...Unless it's with peas ;)O\<


Chicky I'll answer you some place else OK ?

hannah said...

there are some great movies, and a few i will have to take a look at.
drink water, get some rest, and take a fuckin' vitamin

Toby said...

I didn't know it was all one take. That's pretty amazing and you're right, it's an excellent scene. I hope you're feeling better.

wallycrawler said...

Thanx Toby !

wallycrawler said...

Hey Hannah how ya do ?
Still with that fella ?
If not call me ! LOL

...no really call me .

F.J. Delgado said...

Great picks Wally, can't go wrong with Goodfellas or Office Space especially... in terms of comedies, I would add Old School or Anchorman to the list, but that's just me.

wallycrawler said...

FJ , ya I love both of those Will Ferrell movies .
How about the "your so gay" scene in "40 Year Old Virgin" ? That was classic !
There is another comedy you might like too that not to many people know of . It's called "Waiting" a ensemble cast of character actors with a great script and 1 fantastic running gag . Really funny film !