Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tony Galea & Tiger Woods & da Rocket & Gold Medalists...etc...

Roger Clemens indicted on federal perjury charges

This is today's headline. & it will be tomorrow's and the tomorrow after that.

Tony Galea is about to come under indictment for trafficking drugs to our best athletes and our brightest stars in sports. Including swimmer Dara Torres, Former Blue Jay/NY Mets Carlos Delgado , Boston Red Sox/Los Angeles Dodger Manny Ramirez , Jose Reyes, gold-medal sprinter Donovan Bailey, quarterback Chris Simms,  quarterback  Peyton Manning, former NFL star Bill Romanowski, former U.S. Olympians Tim Montgomery and Marion Jones and dozens of more athletes in the U.S. and Canada.
 Also this weeks breaking news has Rocket Roger Clemens on Tony's client list. Plus former NFL running back Jamal Lewis says ..."he is a longtime patient of Dr. Anthony Galea"... And now NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says NFL staff contacted Santana Moss about the Redskins receiver's connection to a Canadian doctor charged with smuggling and supplying human growth hormone (HGH) and steroids. Both Moss and Lewis admit to being "clients" of Tony Galea, they also deny ever using illegal drugs or going against doping laws of the NFL.

 Here's a storyline that keeps coming up: Tiger Woods & His Wife Will Have a Clause In Their Divorce...
Tiger Woods seem to be hogging the limelight once again as certain issues about his divorce with his wife Elin Nordegren are already out in the open The divorce settlement between Tiger and Elin is still pending and various aspects have also been looked after such as the child custody rights and settlement regarding property and how much alimony will go for Elin. This does not seem to be a simple case of divorce but quite a complicated one where fortunes are involved. Meanwhile Tiger has enrolled in a golf course but he has already fared badly at the Bridgestone Invitational last weekend. As the date is drawing near for the settlement reports are doing the round of  a lifetime confidentiality clause in the document .Many wonder as why Tiger is doing this as all his scandals have come out in the public domain .So are there more skeleton’s  in Tiger’s closet that  he wants to hide. Does Elin have all the details of Tiger’s alliance with Canadian Doctor Tony Galea and their unlawful substances? So is Tiger trying to keep things under control? Is the, $100 million less to buy Elin’s silence or he is ready to cough up more? Only time can tell?

Tiger At 19

Tiger During His 2005 Slump. Not Making The Shots.

Tiger 2008 The New & Improved Version

His New Health Regiment Sure Helped!

Tiger Woods has lost his game. Not because of the sex scandal. As I told you way back in November Woods would become an also-ran, because he lost his supplier. Tiger's game was never about his putter (even though he was good at that) it was his drives and his long iron shots. Once he lost his strenght, he's like Samson without his hair. Noth'n.
If Tiger finds another Doctor/Supplier he'll climb out'a his hole. Maybe? Like a Phoenix from da ash Tiger will rise again! Hope not!
Then again he may just fade away? Or better still he may well be exposed as da cheater that he is? IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE.

Wally. All Da Way OOT There!

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Heff said...

I was tired of hearing about this motherfucker YEARS before he got caught with his putter in holes 1 through 13.

I hope his suckitude continues until he's an obscure historical "sports" reference !

wallycrawler said...


That's a hilarious rant!