Monday, August 02, 2010

Some Goomer Shot A 59 At A PGA Event...

John Daily "Hero Of da Stupid".

It's soooo... f'n obvious that they are making the holes more accessible to get the scores down, now that golf is in the deep shittier! Tiger's done, Phil's in his waining years and there is nobody left to pull up the ratings. It's had it's fad years much like tennis in the 70's.
Baseball cheated it's audience & did the same thing in the middle 90's after the strike killed attendance. They let the juicers, juice and played with an extra hard ball. The result? Home run derbies and full stadiums.

Everyone knows the end result after they were caught... The End Of The Game!.

Tiger Woods will be gone very soon after his involvement with Tony Galea comes to light. The FBI is very close to arresting Galea and I'm sure Tiger's feet will be in the fire when Galea starts to sing. Bye Bye Tiger!

Golf is a boor fest anyway, For fat asses & the semi-retarded TV nation. Good riddance!

Re Hash : Kill Da Dam Gophers!

What can I say about this next post except , I still think it's funny. Not because I think I'm funny or witty. OK a bit, but mostly because it was my first negative feedback and I got some real nasty e-mails . Who knew? Who knew fat ass 'gophers' could read as well as they swing a club at a little ball. Most golfers can't take the truth about their game. How much damage it does to our environment and how ridiculous they look playing it. In Ontario Canada all residents can't use certain forms of pesticides and fertilizers on our lawns. Guess who's exempt to these laws? You got it. GOLF COURSES! That's fuck'n nuts! We can have weeds and ants on our lawns, but not their precious golf courses. They're OK? Pollute away? It doesnt matter that they are built on aquifers, kill green spaces and wet lands. Needless to say I haven't changed my opinion about the "game" of golf. It's still a game for stogie smoke'n,  fat cats and their wanna bee ass kissers! Have at it dick-weeds.

I still wish you death, die you yuppie scum! Die on that shit hole you built!

I am a regular guy . I love sports male & female alike, but I don't get golf?. Man is there a more pompous or arrogant game than golf? I said game because golf is a game not a sport. A sport takes physical ability , mental ability , strength , hand eye coordination , & a sense. "Sense" being the key word. Golf has none but one of these criteria hand eye coordination. So it's classed as a game it's that simple. Sorry "Flogers"! I just love listening to these yuppie bastards talking about Tiger Woods... "He's such a great athlete"! Give me a break "athlete" Woods?!? Only in this day & age do we class golfers as athletes. No wonder the kids of today are fat & lazy, our athletes are goomers. Have you ever been to a golf course? Big fat cats with stogies in their mouths. Big guts hanging over their belts, to tight shirts stretched to the limit, fat asses, short legged creeps sauntering down a fairway moaning & groaning at the slightest effort. "Please Jesus let there be a plague & this plague should effect all people who breath gases from Killex & cut grass"! "Please let them drop dead mid-swing"! I think the world would be better off? I know you think I'm full of shit but I'm not! I worked in water treatment for years. Golf courses are major polluters. I have seen whole town's water tables drop when a golf course has been built over a water table. Some have changed so badly that the town folk have to put in all kinds of filter treatments. Softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis, carbon blocks, high E resin filters ...etc . Hey good for my business, not good for "OUR" future. There was one course that cut off a moraine. That wasn't good , but who cares? Not those fuck'n fat cats! Nor the politicians! You know what, no one cared except a couple of scientists on the west coast. They warned us that if that water source is cut off it will effect cities not only a rural community. They built it anyway & guess what else? A large subdivision. NICE!
I can see it now , a real estate agent trying to sell his new clients on a piece of prime land... " Now Mr. & Mrs. Pieceoshit when you look out your fabulous terrace you'll see the 18th. green"..." "My god Milton , Isn't that Dr. Assman having a heart attack "???!... " Yes it is Clarisse"... ((("God Dam It!"))) He only had a 3' putt to make Parr".

Wally OOT!

da End

Fat Ass Golf Tour.

5 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Anonymous said...

Who could ever hate you, Wally? And I agree, you are very witty!

Heff said...

Was 59 his score, OR HIS WAIST MEASUREMENT ? Lol !

wallycrawler said...

I know aloot'a people that hate da Crawler dear!

I'm an opinionated, alienating, asshole, that has way to much useless knowledge in my tiny lil brain. I'm a geek living in a athletic body. I'm off putting. I don't fit da mold that I put out there.

So with all that it kind'a hard to like me. Shit if I knew me I'd hate me.

I'd be sooooo.... jealous!

Oh ya! There's da narcissism.


59 is JD's former measurements. In his youth.
59 is da amount of butts he smokes during a round of Goof!
59 is the amount of days left for him in his mortal coil.
59 is what he weighted at birth.
59 is what he asks for when he gets a hooker. (he's to fat to do a full 69er).

59 is JD's & Tiger's wet dream. Which is a sad thing altogether.

Golfers are just sad!
"Seasonal Affective Disorder", and that's a fact also.

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

wallycrawler said...