Monday, July 19, 2010

This Article on CSI Really Threw Me...

Here's my response:

Is Witchcraft any worse than America and China hiring goons to kill off tribes all over Africa to score natural resources? Or The Dutch stealing diamonds and murdering millions of nationals? Just wondering?
Not that I condone Witchcraft for curing AIDS or any other form of diseases. Just wanted to put it out there. Most of the plight in Africa has been caused by the Western Civilization. Why in all your wisdom on CSI, do you think these people will ever trust us? Again?
Kenya has been ravished by the Chinese in the last 10 years. They have hired hit squads to kill off thousands of tribesman just to acquire land rites.
American pharmaceutical companies have again killed off 100's of thousands of Africans with the AIDS virus doing the same. Stealing land rites and to acquire billions of dollars of national resources.
If I was in their place I to would be looking for, praying for a supernatural response to our downfall. Because the rest of the world is either to stupid or inane to really respond to our plight.

So don't look to the Witches. Look to yourself, because 'WE' are the problem with Africa! 'We' are the threat in Africa!

Here's what I wrote after I got shit on by minions:

Did you read what I wrote or do you want to put words in my mouth?
"Not that I condone Witchcraft for curing AIDS or any other form of diseases..."
I'm well aware of what is going on. It's a sick dastardly religion. Again... Ask yourself why? Why now after years when the Witchdoctor was regulated to tourist attraction has this "faith" come out of moth balls?

The West nor is the East trustworthy to Africans & either is their religions or medicines. Has anyone on here been to New Guinea or Hatti? There are the same problems there. I was in Hatti before the quake. If you want to see "backwards societies" Hettie drop anchor there.
Again they come to these charlatans because they have no one else. Imagine if you were warm in your bed and then the next thrown out of your house, you family butchered, raped, your home set ablaze and your government condoned it. That's Africa. Imagine if you went for a simple inoculation and months later your whole family and yourself had an incurable disease. That's Africa. Who would you trust?

Don't kill the messenger.
Find out the truth for yourself.

Wally Out!

8 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Heff said...

Jeez, man. Who's side are you on ? lol !

wallycrawler said...

Neither the corporate or the religious. I'm for the people. Give them back their lands and restore their wealth. Then they would be fine.

Anonymous said...

I love that song! Yeah, I know, I added alot to this post :-)

wallycrawler said...

What song was it sweetheart?

Anonymous said...

You know, I didn't realize you had a mix of them on there, I wasn't paying that much attention, it was early this morning but whatever one it was I liked it. There, once again adding alot to the post :-)

Heff said...

I like cake.

Anonymous said...

Heff, you struck me as a pie, guy.

wallycrawler said...

I ate cake on pie... But noth'n beats pie'n'cake!