Thursday, July 01, 2010



Or what I like to call it "Pierre Trudeau Day". Lester B. Pearson has a day. Trudeau definitely needs a holiday named after him. & It should always fall on a Friday. French wine should be chilled a served with a salmon, as da meal to accompany a good ol'hockey game. It should be celebrated in da fall. He liked that season.

Hey! Maybe da hockey game should be a tournament with Western, Ontario, Quebec & East Coast Professional players play fer da "Canada Cup"?

I'ma Flip'n Genius!
Wally OOT!

8 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Heff said...

Hell, I'D celebrate it, lol !

Anonymous said...

It's also my ex-stepsons b-day. The big 21.

Die Muräne said...

Damn, you're so clever! There should be a Wallyday.

wallycrawler said...

Heff you'd celebrate Stalin's birthday if booze & a pork butt was involved. (shhh... so would I.
Me loves pulled pork sandwiches.)


Jag 21 year old guys and you seem to be a common theme. I'm think'n that red car is go'n to give us adventure after adventure...???!!!


Everyday is Wallyday! Dont'cha know it's Wallyworld?

Nice'ta hear from ya DM. What'ya up to?


Die Muräne said...

pretty buzy, looking for flat, moving, paper work... stuff like that you know. little mr murane is coming soon :)

wallycrawler said...

Congratulations. That's great news.
Welcome to da real world of responsibilities.

Get use'ta it. It never ends after that day.

I know that you're gonna be a good poppa.

Who's da dude your with? What's his name? hehehehe... hahahaha......

Michelle's Spell said...

Cool blog -- I'll definitely be back!

wallycrawler said...

Michelle try to keep me away from your blog!

And thank you. Looking forward to it.