Saturday, August 01, 2009

Is Barack Obama Da God Dam Anit-Christ?

Also if ya think about? The former Arline carrier "The British Overseas Airways Corporation" aka: "BOAC" was fly'n everywhere with the BOAC letters stenciled on it's fuselage until the mid 70's. That was when a young man was make'n his way in manhood? B-O-A-C hmmmm? Maybe that's why it stopped fly'n da friendly skies with that moniker? They changed it to British Airlines. B- Barack, O- Obama, A- Anti, C- Christ! If them planes were still fly'n around with giant blue and red letters hint'n who was da Son O'Satan... Whoa... It wouldn't take long fer us to put 2 and 2 together would it?
Thanx be to Jesus that he has given us these great Bible theologians to teach Bible prophesies to us huh?

OK I've heard enuff! Obama is definitely da Son'O' Satan. All prophesies point to him, we've now seen that and he's bewitched us with speech. Barrack has been cast'n spells on us. He does the exact same thing Bush did, but Barack does it with more flair and pzazz. Oh boy does he have da gift fer gab. The left sided media is hypnotized by him and even da right-wingers are transfixed. Only da F'n Anti-Christ could do that!

...."I will report the facts, you can decide"... Has there ever been a better line than that spoken? ...Aaaaahahahahahahahaha.....

3 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

rita said...

I'm almost speechless! Sadly, I know there are plenty of people willing to believe this kind of crap.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Rita. That was some funny video eh? I know there are millions of limp-minded automatons that believe anything that a man with a Bible will say. Shit, BILLIONS. stick a so-called holy book in any dick-holes hands and they'll line up to here him tell ya what to do, how to think and how to run your life.

What I really can't believe in da whole scheme of things is the amount of men and women who take Bible studies. Are these people schemers and are in on a huge joke or are they actual people that just don't get your being trifled with?
I'm guessing a bit of both, with a good smattering of stupids in da mix.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Wally! Yep, I've always suspected that about Obama. Thanks for finally telling us the truth. :)