Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Do ya Think George Jr. Could Do What Bill Clinton Just Did?

And There Was Al Gore Stick'n His Face Into Da Cameras At Da Press Conference, Useless Fucker That He Is. It Was His Fault They Were Arrested In The First Place.

Someone Once Wrote Bill Clinton Was Da Best President Of Da 20th. Century. Now He's Da Best In Da 21st.

4 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Heff said...

Our first black President is obviously trying to out-do our second black President.

wallycrawler said...



Die Muräne said...

as seeker said:
"i find this amazing..bill waltzes in and gets to meet kim straight away and get the release of the journalists..way to easy for my liking..something else is going on behind the scenes here..there is some concession the usa has made in my opinion..lets wait and see what comes next..and just to confuse the situation a bit more..the 2 ladies worked for al gore"

wallycrawler said...

Hey D.M. You could be right I'm sure there was a message from the Obama cabinet. If there was good. I think there should be talks with North Korea they make a million things covertly for the South anyway. Like car manufacturers. As a matter of fact there was a former head of Hyundai, Mr Toyota, that committed Hari Kari after he was found guilty of receiving electronics manufactured in da North. Small note there... Anyways give da douche bag what he wants and he'll stop making weapons. Da North is starving we need to make a humanitarian effort there before it's to late. Fuck saving face let's go help them. We should give up on these stupid boarder wars.

And your right about Gore he's a total scammer. Can't stand that dude. Gore is a media junkie and has may irons in da fire. As I wrote before he is heavy in the medical, "Meds", field and is behind the biggest scams out there now "Pig Virus/H1N1". The flu drug Tamiflu is owned by him a Donald Rumsfeld to name a few...

But for some reason I love "Da Big Dog"... "Slick Willy", love that guy. He has pure magnesium.