Friday, August 21, 2009

Da Art'O Da Scam: Water Shortages/Water Management.

In an area outside of Toronto, there lays the mouth of da largest aquifer in the world. It has enough water to house millions of homes throughout Southern Ontario... Virtually forever! From Durham County to York, to King, to Simcoe... It lays beneath our feet. It sits under a land mass of millions of acres. Our Government, in their great logic over da years, have installed more than 20 privately managed and operated garbage dumps all along it. And now they are about to open another!!!
I fear that this is a plan by huge corporations to kill our water table.

George Lawrence is proof positive that good things sometimes come to those who wait. For more than 15 years, he has battled a proposed garbage dump in Tiny Township, just northwest of Barrie, home to some of the best and most productive farmland in Ontario's food belt. A recent surge in local councillors' support has come in time for this week's county council vote on the matter. He didn't do it alone, of course. Lawrence, now in his first term as deputy mayor of the rural township, was part of a close-knit group of farmers, environmentalists and residents who opposed the Site 41 facility in their quietly polite way. They could learn tomorrow if they have won a one-year moratorium on the project that they say will pollute the Alliston Aquifer. Scientists say it contains some of the world's purest drinking water. As the small, hardy group spread its message, Simcoe County council pushed the 20.7-hectare facility, scheduled to open this fall, through the required environmental process. In the past few months, widespread support for a one-year moratorium has zoomed, with a growing list of celebrity opponents joining the cause. Everyone from U.S environmental activist Ralph Nader – who visited Site 41 two weeks ago and wrote Premier Dalton McGuinty to voice his opposition – to Canada's UN water czar Maude Barlow and former Toronto mayor David Crombie, to local residents, politicians, trade unionists and First Nations people has called on the county to take a second look before opening the dump site. "Site 41 should be scrapped because it is sitting atop a large and pristine aquifer that must at all costs be protected," says Barlow, Canada's first senior adviser on water to the United Nations president. The Alliston Aquifer, directly under Site 41, is part of a network of underground reservoirs running from Georgian Bay, under Lake Simcoe almost to Lake Ontario through the Oak Ridges Moraine, which itself provides drinking water for 250,000 York Region residents. Site 41 opponents maintain the dump's natural clay liner and an additional man-made liner will leak a poisonous stew into the ground and surrounding aquifers, as most garbage sites do

The long and short of it is... Corporations (Water Management Moguls) have a large amount of money wrapped up in selling water. If they kill off a huge, FREE, water table that will open up: Water treatment plants; Piped water to farm lands; Piped water to housing projects... It's endless really.

In all reality there are no water shortages, just pure water that doesn't need to be treated to be potable. There really is water everywhere on Earth. The same drop that was here when Cesar was ruler of da world is still here today (except what was taken into space o'coarse). It hasn't gone anywhere. Even in da remotest desert, water streams underneath. Maybe deep underneath, but it's there. Garbage should be the easiest product to deal with, but out'a sheer laziness and lack of knowledge on out part, we let governments take easily recycled materials and, well, dump it. It's time to put our creative scientific minds to work. We must stop dump'n trash on agricultural lands. Stop kill'n our farms. Stop making pure water, polluted water...etc... All for the greed of large corporations to sell something to us that's already there. If there was one scam in da world that is true and utter bullshit... This Is It!

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler

Taken in part from the Toronto Star.

UPDATE: "Protesters win their one year moratorium on landfill Site 41"!

It was a big decision, and reports are that it took Simcoe County Council over three hours to deliberate. But in the end, Council voted to approve a proposed one-year moratorium on the construction of a landfill, Site 41, in Simcoe County, Ontario. I think they knew if they didn't vote this way most of these turds would have lost their easy jobs.
Simcoe County Warden Tony Guergis wrote a letter to the public after Simcoe County Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of the one year moratorium. I won't be bothered putting in Guergis's letter. Needless to say he's in favor of da site. He's a total ASS-CLOWN, bought and sold by these greedy businessmen! He'll never see another term.
Under the moratorium, aside from filling in the clay already excavated out of the site, there will be no construction on Site 41 until at least 2011 - but there will be a municipal election in 2010, which might affect the future of Site 41. "Duhhh... Ya Think"?
This is great news to anyone living in Ontario.
Keep up the good work protesters. If it wasn't for you bringing this out to the forefront, there would have been a great atrocity committed on our lands and to our drinking water.
"The First Nations" deserve most of the credit in this small victory by taking this problem to the World's Stage.
It's nice to see Farmers, Land owners, concerned citizens and "The First Nations" all committed to the same cause for a change. Hopefully this will be the norm in the future when we fight big business and big corporate government.
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Heff said...

That's a lot of shit.

Anonymous said...

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wallycrawler said...

Heff shit...mmm...? No? Crap? Yup!


Hey Ann long time no see.

What no 50?

wallycrawler said...

Hey guys don't hit on that shit by Ann. She's like a pop-shooter.

rita said...

Sometimes it seems like protesting is hopeless. But then I imagine what would happen if nobody did it...

It's nice to know the little guys wins, occasionally. :)

wallycrawler said...

Rita it is good news. And your right rarely does things like this happen. The Town Council was shaking in their boots to keep their cushy jobs fer sure.

Rita said...

IMO, the best way to affect change is on the local level. Put the pressure your city council & county commissioners ...I find it easier & more affective to strategize(?)for change at that level, then to try to navigate & be heard at the State or Federal Government level.

Die Muräne said...

good fight! but you'll need bigger fires :)