Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Da Problem With America Is Dem Uppity Nigars"

Yup datz rite! Dem uppity boyz dat don't know dem place.... Like da White House

I call "a spade, a spade" here and I call a "Spear Chucker Agenda".

I'm the last guy to say anything that Present Obama has done in the last 7 months as productive or encouraging. I think what he has done is mostly asinine. But when a man who came from da projects of the South Side of Chicago to the chair of da White House and he has a few words of encouragement to young students. Encouraging words like how they to can succeed in a downtrodden society. He is then condemned for it? Condemned by the Racist Right Wing Republican Party. Ya I said racist Republicans, cause that's exactly what they are and they always were.

There is something totally crazed in the minds of Right Wing politics when da leaders of da Republicans have gentlemen like Rush Limbaugh, and Newt Gingrich, plus a woman like Sarah Palin at da top of the list of future statesman? With people like these they have no future. They will simply drift off into a third party status. I believe America has grown away from da former "have and have not" society. I believe America has finally grown up! And da right wing Conservatives are hanging on by an apron string to an ideal that should been gone with da stagecoach.

Way back when the former head of state Richard Nixion wanted to address the future of the country did he get the flack that Barack Obama is getting in that last 5 days?... Ahhhh No!

When da half senile Ronald Reagan wanted to address da class of 1982 did he get booed down from da left wingers... Ahhh No Again.

When George "Read My Lips No New Taxes" Bush addressed da, I don't give a dam "generationX" in a pep talk about da future, did he get any kind of mention except positive?..... Take a second..... Ahhhh No He Did Not.

So what's da difference between Barak Obama and those "former assholes of da free world"? What would be the first thing to come to your mind? I'll give ya a few more seconds.. dadadadadadada, dadadadadadada doo doo doo doo doo doo da doo...

OK give up?

"He's Fuck'n Black"!

What in the world is the Republicans thinking here? History will look at this day in total disgust. A day that is "flabbergasting in it's vulgarity".

So if you kept your child home today, because you didn't want your child indoctrinated in da subculture 0f your President?... Guess what? Your a a vulgar racist and you have no handle, or any control of your stupid brat. Give up. Give up and just stop anything your trying to bang inta da dim fuck'n head of your stupid, lame, retard, you have fer a offspring. Cause Obama has total control of him, or her, or whatever, "IT"! Barak Obama's personality will win "IT's" mind over yours. You dumb fuck, you.

Please if you say this is not a race thing, your stupid. That's it. That's not an opinion.

At this time I would like to give da last word to my favorite Republican... KKK leader Daniel Carver.

...."Wake Up White People"...

Wally Out

7 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Heff said...

I DO recall some Dems taking issue back when George H. spoke, but hell, I personally don't have a problem with Obama speaking to the youth.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of stupid people in the world, Wally, both dems and repubs. Stupid has no political party. Some of us people actually think our children can think for themselves. What a concept.

wallycrawler said...

Heff I knew you wouldn't. That wouldn't even enter my mind.


Jaguar I never argue with you cause I think we think the same way 99% of da time...

But da Republican Party and our West coast Conservative party in Canada have both been hijacked by extreme fascists. This hijacking came during the Reagan years under Ed Meese and George "da 1st" Bush. And here under a guy named PM Brain Mulroney. They both cozied up to the "Born Again Evangestical Movement" and called themselves da "Moral Majority". They stopped free speech and have been cutting into every aspect of the constitution. But along da way they have been teaching fascism in schools. This is just another kick at a so-called moral issue and a black man.

And I know you know there is a lot of stupid people that are democrats. They were da ones who also didn't let there kids hear Obama's speech.

I'm sure your kids can think for themselves.

I'm not say'n all Republicans are fascist/racists. But the party they belong to is and has been for a number of years. Look what happened during Katrina to prove my point.

Ya know I would hear it all da time when I went to our Progressive Conservative meet'ns. They'd all be against welfare and how da blacks are ruin'n da country. It's all bullshit. This type of logic is built on pure fear. Still is today. Racism is fear. People who are racist are cowards and fear black men. That's why I became disenfranchised with Conservative views. I left the Party when it became a Party of cretins creating fear biased thoughts. Just after I left the Conservative Party merged with another right wing party that was even more right wing. In fact they were lead for awhile nationally by a self proclaimed separatist that wanted to merge two nations. One for mud people and one for da white people. I kid ya not! And now our Prime Minister Of Canada is lead'n Our country from that Party!!! So you guys don't have the only racists in power.

rita said...

Not only are they racist they are too chickenshit to own up to it.
I agree with what you say except I would never call Rush Limbaugh a gentleman.

wallycrawler said...

Rita your one ballsy gal. I Love Ya!!!

And that was a funny line about Rush "where's da oxycodone at" Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure I agree with you here? I'm not sure whether this is serious or a joke, LOL.

Wil Harrison.com

wallycrawler said...

Wil this is a very serious subject. I'm just a goof write'n it! So then it's kind'a funny.

I thought "Spear Chucker Agenda" was really funny. Nobody even said anything about that. Shit! Am I the only one to think that was funny?