Monday, July 27, 2009

Da Art Of Da Scam: Obama Slave Trader

President Barack Obama has changed his colours once again. This time on trade with China.

During the election Obama took a hard line with trading with China, now seven months later he has flip/flopped much like his attitude on the Iraq war. Barack is look'n like a floundering fish with the amount of rhetoric he's preaching and the lies he expounded during his campaign.
In da seven months he's been in da White House he has single handily destroyed two automobile unions, (UAW/CAW), bankrupted the nation, inflated the Iraq war, tried to insight civil unrest in the neighbouring country Iran, watched with his finger up his ass as North Korea flexes it's muscle... so on and so on...
Here's a blog post I wrote in 2005 about China's "manufacturing factories"... Do you think anything has changed? It hasn't it's worse!
China Jail . The sign at front reads the following... "Modern Painting And English School " . "Oooooh I can't wait to go to school Mom"!

These are the front gates of the slave labor camp at Jining City . "Pretty" ! "The 'NEW CHINA'
is soooo beeeutfull"!

This is a jail in mainland China . It's also a mining company . "Oh what great strides in human rights" ! "We should be proud to do business with these great men"!

These are just a few "Factories"/ Prisons that the Chinese government uses to make goods.
Contracts with these prisons are highly sought after by corporate America. Sometimes with multiple companies bidding for contracts.
The long and short of it is... We're a sick sac'o'shit when purchasing anything made in China. Let alone doing nothing as our leaders make deals with them!

This is the symbol of structure in the "Corporate World".

Sa Later

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Heff said...

This blog could easily become dedicated to Obama's upcoming pratfalls !

wallycrawler said...

Sexy.... That is the funniest comment ever! I dunno if it was intentional?... Which makes it even funnier.


Heff this guy can't do no wrong on American and European media.

They're afraid of the racism tag.

Obama's first move as President was to hire the former head of the World Bank and da Fed Timothy Geithner as the Treasury Secretary. That was his downfall as far as I'm concerned. Barack's true colours were revealed very early. Total scumbag!