Monday, July 13, 2009

Da Art Of Da Scam: G.M. False Failure.

GM looks to import cars made in China, alarming its U.S. union members.

It’s been a pet peeve of American unions: U.S. corporations closing
plants in their own backyard while exporting the jobs to low-wage

Now it’s the turn of General Motors — bankrolled by the
American taxpayer and scrambling for a survival plan acceptable in
Washington — to stamp the “Made in China” label on some cars to be sold
in this country next year. A GM document circulating in Washington calls for nearly doubling the vehicles it imports into the
U.S. to 736,547 from 371,547 over the next five years. Besides China,
car imports will be boosted from Mexico, South Korea and Japan,
according to union officials. Industry trade publications have
reported that the Chevrolet Spark, a popular small car made in China,
could be one of the vehicles GM ships to the U.S. starting in 2011. By
2014, GM would be bringing in 51,500 vehicles from China. Although
still a tiny number — the Fairfax plant alone makes nearly five times
that many cars in a year — the fact that it’s China strikes a nerve. As Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio put it in a news release Tuesday: “What’s good for GM is no longer good for America.”

Source GM USA.

"It's great! We are lending money to GM and Chrysler to help save American and Canadian jobs! We are directly involved with the "Stimulus Package". Barack is so involved with our needs!" "GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!"

Well really we gave money to G.M. and Chrysler so they can sell cars to us made in China? Do you feel used? No? You will! Especially after I inform you about how General Motors filed for bankruptcy, all the while setting up the two largest automobile plants in the world. One in China and one in Russia. General Motors were directly involved in closing stores. plants, steel plants, motor manufacturing... They were involved directly and indirectly at laying off hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people in the US and Canada. G.M. didn't pay billions of dollars to independent banks and suppliers. Then... The once greatest company in the world to work for... Organized sales to - Wal-mart - Costco - Canadian Tire Stores... Coming to a box store close to you... Chinese made automobiles.

Don't you feel so much better? Don't you feel better that G.M. came out of bankruptcy faster than expected? Well maybe it's because they weren't really bankrupt! We should all feel like schmucks! Cause really we are the schmucks that let Obama do this dirty deed. If you ever thunk Barack Obama is working for you, think the fuck again. This guy is worse than Bush! Why? Cause he's smart. Bush had an excuse he was a total retard. Barack knows exactly what he's do'n. (((He's Sell'n America Out.)))

Has anyone ever asked why General Motors didn't sell their 35% stake in Toyota? Or why all the jobs lost were in Canada and the U.S.? Or how G.M. bought a bankrupt Fiat Motors in 2004 for 1.5 billion U.S. Then for some reason or another sold it back to the same company, but ended up giving the former company another 2 billion U.S. to take it back? Does that sound viable? Does that sound like a good judgement call? No? Well it did happen. Check it out. Now the "New" Fiat Motors is a strong independent company, that some how???? Has the money to make a purchase of the Chrysler motors company? Does that sound just a little bit fishy? To me just a bit?!

I told you before that this would happen. I wrote years ago we would witness the largest union bust in history. That we'd witness the emergence of one giant corporation that would control the auto industry. But who would'a thought they do it with our money? Using our money to kill our jobs is ingenious. This is the most dastardly plan in the history of finance. Stan Lee couldn't have written a more heinous, high handed plan to bring down our society. But here it is, right before us and what do we do? Noth'n. We' are totally oblivious of it. The corporate media has us hoodwinked. If any of you think that this "recession" will ever end without recapturing our manufacturing your fools.

This is the first of many more enlightening reports about corporations and "Da Art Of Da Scam"

Sa Later Wally

...more to come...

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Heff said...

Jeez, talk about a "global economy"....

wallycrawler said...

Hey Heff. Unfortunately there's no such thing as "Global Economy".
It's like da Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and big dicks satisfying women. Total fabrications!

The world economic platform is controlled by one entity "Da Fed".

And they're put'n all their efforts in controlling da labour force once again. And we're let'em.

Die Muräne said...

fully agree!

is everyone sleeping?

Anonymous said...

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