Tuesday, July 07, 2009

This Song Nails It On The Head...

About Michael Jackson & The Media. Or How CNN Has Reported It - "The Death Of Michael Jackson: Pop Icon"!

I did somethin in the past week, a simple goof. I posted links from TMZ to my blog just to see how many dickheads would use this post as a conduit over to The British Daily Mail. I think it was on Saturday morn'n? I watched as one moron after another moron who read TMZ for their M.J. fix came online... These moles are da total assholes of the world, jackals. Like I would have the flip'n answer to that shitheads death? This was total speculation! I knew that. And I think you guys knew that too? Not that I don't think the story before this one had some weight, but crips!

The press this week had nothing but speculatory views about this primadonna. They even reported on Jackson's former friend "Bonzo". When did this all start anyway? Was it da O.J. trial? Before that? when did we become so totally consumed in nothingness?

Anyway enjoy da video by John LeJoie. On this ominous day of sorrow.

A Homeboy From Montreal Quebec. Way Ta Go John Great Stuff !!!

P.S. North Korea fired 4 missiles last weekend.

We maybe on the brink of WIII?

That's speculation! Real speculation.

See ya


3 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

too many countries need desparately a new war to 'solve' their huge and unsolvable problems. It's always the same. again and again and again. die murane knows war drums when he hears 'em :(

Heff said...

I think the "Jacko's dead" video needed the word "fuckin'" in it a few more times.

wallycrawler said...

They'll call this one, "We Should'a Ended It In da 50's". or "Shock'n Opps"!


That's the sound of Haliburton, GM, GE, etc... Make'n money off the lower percentile. "March on up join da Army". "Iran is an evil empire, er... I mean North Korea"!


Heff ya think? I think there was da perfect amount of da word "fuckin" in it.

That song made me piss myself.