Monday, March 30, 2009

First Ride'O Da Year

Toronto Motorcycle Swap Meet 2009:

Why So Shy?

God Dam Camera On My Blackberry Sux Shit!!!
Brand F'n New Too!... Ahh I Don't Pay Fer It...

Made In Canada!

Made In Canada!

I Hate My Fuck'n Blackberry Cam Phone. It Blows Hot Rod!

Then It Was Off Ta Da "World Famous Brass Rail".

It's My Favorite Place In Da World!

We Decided To Go To "The Village Inn" In Bradford, Ontario. South Of Where I Live.
"The Village" Has The Best Hot Wings Anywhere, Except "The Anchor Bar" In Buffalo Of Coarse!
Some Cheesy Ass "Kiss" Tribute Band Was Play'n There.
They Where The Single Worst Sack'O'Shit Band I've Ever Heard!
They Were Out'a Tune, Out'a Time, Out'a Their Element...
The Goofs Couldn't Barely Walk Of Stage With The Platforms They Were Wear'n.
The Guy Who Was Dressed As "Gene Simmons" Fell Flat On His Ass On The First Song.
Buddy And I Were Cry'n Laugh'n!
Fuck'n Ass Clowns!

I'm A Blur!
My Mind Was Froze, My Hands Were Froze And So Was My Cock & Balls!
They Looked Like Two Raisins & A Thumb!

All And All A Good Time Was Had By All! I Got Some Wood At Da "Brass Rail", Rode My Bike, Ate Sum Hot Wings & Gotta See Gene Simmons Wipe-Out! A Great Boyz Day/Nite Out.

Sa Ya


P.S. When I Got Home I Had A Long Hot Bath...My Boys Plum't Right Back Up. No Worries!

7 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Anonymous said...

Two raisins and a thumb. That paints QUITE a picture.

wallycrawler said...

Ya it was a funny picture that will never be taken so ya have'ta take my word fer it.

rita said...

Just coming over to say HI! I have to use the computer at work as mine crashed & burned. :(

Ice said...

LOL@ The Brass Rail... :) NO comment :)

2. I hate my BB camera too, it sawks shit!!! My krazr phone had a much better camera... the pics are always blurry and out of focus, eh?

C. I posted finally after a month...ffs, me!

Looked like a good show!!!


wallycrawler said...

Hey Rita.
Sorry ta hear that. Buy American, remember that. A lot'a CPU's are made in China. Support American made goods. eg: Dell...Apple...
Love ya gal.


Princess ya don't like da "Rail"? Shit I was gonna take ya there on da bike too!
The BB cam needs to be held very steady, or it'll blur, ya. I find the same problem with my Sony too. Most of these "point and shoots" are garbage! Noth'n better than the Nikon SLR, noth'n!
That show was OK? Seen and ol'gal friend there. She looked...OLD. She was with a young guy though? She's married too! Didn't see him there? Hey maybe it was her son? Hmmm...ya think?

I'll come over and see ya on yer post.

Ice said...

Ahahahaha@ 2 raisins n a thumb

Great visual? hahahaha :)

You're hilarious, bud!

I'll go anywhere on that bike with ya!

wallycrawler said...

That's a date!
You name da time, I'll take ya.