Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Da Auto Industry Effects Our Economy?

Here's a simple answer:

"The automobile industry is an expensive industry to be in and to stay in business they have to sell cars. If the economy is bad and people are not buying new cars because they cannot afford new cars and gas prices are also forcing people to choose alternative ways of travel, car pooling, public transport, etc., the automobile industry suffers. If this last too long, to meet costs and avoid going under the automobile industry will have to cut back, close plants, etc., which in turn also has a detrimental effect on the economy".
Do you think that's the answer?
If you say yes, your way wrong!
Did you know the the American auto industry effects 69% of our GDP ( Gross Domestic Product)? It does. Did you know that when Toyota was announced as the the leader in auto sales in the world that in the next following weeks a recession occured world wide? It did. Do you know that when the U.S.'s GDP rises that stock markets all around the world rise with it? It does. Did you know when Japan's GDP rised to it's highest level in the late 1980's that there was a housing collapse world wide? It did.
It touches everyone of you in some way or another. World wide.
The average job in the automotive manufacturing sector was compensated at a level 60 percent higher than the average U.S. job. As a matter of fact these jobs pay for about 50% of the U.S. and Canadian economy. If you outsource your own way of life, don't expect that it wont be turned upside down.

This economic downturn has everything to do with Americans And Canadians not buying our own product.
We as a nation should fire bomb the Honda and Toyota plants not lend them money to build plants and lower our national average income.
If you want to restart our economy look out to your garage. If it's a foreign made vehicle take it out to the woods and set fire to it. Phone it in stolen. Or better still trade it in. Buy an American or Canadian made car. It my cost ya a few bucks, but in the long run it's the best money you've ever invested in. It's time to take care of our own! Make sure it's an real American made car. Some cars carry Ford, Chrysler and GM name brands, but are made in Mexico, Korera...etc...

What is going down in both of our contries is the largest union bust in histroy and we're just sit'n back and watching it. Doing noth'n but watching...Lemings.
It's time to stand up fight and give our jobs back to our freinds and family. To make our purchases count.
Sa Later


26 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

Globalisation is manly the export of inflation. Wages, you know.

Why are there still so many holes in the border to Mexico? Because they can't controll it? hahaha! It's because the king is looking for cheap labor!

It's not about you or me or the like. It's about fast and easy profit. The king doesn't give a fuck if they produce here or there or whatever. That's the way business is made.

wallycrawler said...

It matters to us Plebes.

If you look at history and the uprisings in Europe, America, Central America and South America. They were all about wages and taxes. Not about injustices and loss of liberty.

Even though it's rewriten to be that way.

Gyrobo said...

I made my own car out of a soapbox.


It runs better than my neighbor's Ford.

wallycrawler said...

Well don't sell 'em a Mazda or Nissan they're the same product as your neighbour's Ford! Except they pay about a third less ta build'em!

Hey Robo haven't seen ya around fer like a year. Waz up?

I'll come over ta see ya.

Die Muräne said...

The Phosgene Kid said...

Need to bring back the horse. The exhaust can be used as fertilizer and I think if everyone was on horses the fatal accident rate would drop, unless you attended the Christopher Reeves school of horseback riding.

Die Muräne said...

spread it if you like. thanks

wallycrawler said...

Hey DM!

I would have a lot more respect for the writer if it wasn't David Icke. He's the guy who said he was the "Son'o'God" back in the 90's! He's really a crazy bastard. He believes he talks to God ....And he answers back!!!

Not a great source of "truth" from that dude. Plus he has an axe to grind against Jews and blacks fer some reason? He preaches love and hate at the same time. I do like the 911 stuff he did. But as a source, he's really not the "source" I would quote.

"The Meltdown" is all good and fun. And great place ta get laid, but again this isn't the way. Plus they have an agenda that pushes an economic catastrophe. "Global Warming initiatives"! They may think they're do'n good. They want corporate carbon taxes. This is another way fer use to pay more fer less. Oil companies love groups like these. Makes the price of fuel higher. Governments want carbon tax, it makes them drool just think'n about it.

We need a global outreach. An organization that would be fronted by a source that couldn't be disputed. I don't see one yet. Keep try'n we'll get it yet. He's/ she's out there.


Hey Kid. Horses make methane! They would destroy da ozone layer! Or soumthin like that?

Maybe we could just use the hay for fuel and kill da horse?

Die Muräne said...

nobody has the whole truth! I search for pieces here and there to try to put them together to my own view of the world. and share what I find out... to have others to think about and help to find I way we maybe might go.

In this case I liked his ways to find peaceful resistance. Not to walk in this trap to give them a reason for even more control! maybe it's right and we must step out of the system...

wallycrawler said...

I always loved the way you think DM and your right!

I gotta stop look'n at stuff and people at face value. Pick out things that I like and also I can learn from. Thank you.

Ice said...

Ummm...nice effin' car!

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