Sunday, March 01, 2009

Why Do We Need To Study Global Warm'n?

By The Associated Press
VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. - A rocket carrying a NASA global warming satellite splashed into the ocean near Antarctica early Tuesday after a failed launch.
The Taurus XL rocket carrying the Orbiting Carbon Observatory blasted off just before 2 a.m. from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base.
But minutes later, the fairing on the rocket failed to separate, a preliminary investigation found. The fairing is a clamshell cover protecting the satellite as it is blasted through the atmosphere.
The 450-kilogram satellite was supposed to be placed into an orbit some 650 kilometres high to track carbon dioxide emissions.
"Certainly for the science community it's a huge disappointment," said John Brunschwyler, Taurus project manager for Orbital Sciences Corp., which built the rocket and satellite. "It's taken so long to get here."
The project was nine years in the making.
The rocket landed in the ocean near Antarctica. A group of environment ministers from more than a dozen countries met on the southern continent this week to get the latest science on global warming.
NASA said it will convene a team of experts to investigate the loss of the satellite.
The observatory was NASA's first satellite dedicated to monitoring carbon dioxide on a global scale. Measurements collected from the $280 million mission were expected to improve climate models and help researchers determine where the greenhouse gas originates and how much is being absorbed by forests and oceans.
Last month, Japan successfully launched the world's first satellite to monitor global warming emissions.
Scientists currently depend on 282 land-based stations - and scattered aircraft flights - to monitor carbon dioxide at low altitudes.
Carbon dioxide is the leading greenhouse gas and its buildup helps trap heat from the sun, causing potentially dangerous warming of the planet. Carbon dioxide emissions rose three per cent worldwide from 2006 to 2007, according to international science agencies.

So then, my question again???
Why Do We Need To Study Global Warm'n?
It's a open up and shut case isn't it?
We created "Global Warming" right? It's from "Greenhouse Gases", fossil fuels that we dispersed in the air!
Case closed!
Now we gotta fix the problem by using "Green Friendly" vehicles, buying "Green" products, soon as we're back in line with acceptable "Greenhouse Gas" we're free of worry. Right? Right? Right????
Well No. "Case" isn't closed!
More and more "real" scientists know more than they care to share about "Climate Change".
Well then if you still think we're the root cause for "Global Warm'n", or what they now call "Climate Change", why, oh, why, would NASA, the USA, in a fit of a huge money melt down, want to send a 280 million dollar satellite in space to study it? And this isn't the first satellite NASA has sent up for the same purpose. Shhh that's a secret!
Japan also has one, so do the Russians, the Chinese? Probably!
NASA has also used Hubble to look inta "Climate Change". Studying the Earth's weather shifts in the last ten years. Again this is NASA's answer to "Money well wasted"!
I know what the problem is, so do the scientists and deep down so do you.
They are searching for answers to the cosmic question. (?)

Well we just had one. Did ya notice? No?
My Friends "Global Warming", "Climate Change", what ever they're call'n it now? Is a FRAUD!It's a designed initiative to transpose cheaper energy into highly inefficient more expensive energy. One namely is "Nuclear Power".
“Nuclear is also the most expensive energy source in the world and actually generates only 2 percent of the world’s supply.”
Wind generation is another.

Wind generation has a unreal cost on the consumer and the environment, namely birds and bats. I love to read about how wind generation serves people. One article had a two million dollar wind generator located at the top of a ski hill. The owner said "...this unit saves us one hundred thousand dollars a year and does two thirds of our yearly energy"...."and it will last for ever"! That's quite good isn't it? This unit will pay for itself say in twenty years and it will last forever! Please asshole. This thing will be a Coke can in twenty years, a second generation Coke can. Plus this unit is killing bats at an alarming rate, seems it's situated in a migration path for brown bats. What a Eco friendly machine!

We have the answers to ours needs. Large corporations and larger governments are gouging at our pocket books and our future.

Obama is preaching Junk Science.

I sated this before and I will again. Our lives are in our hands. Learn da truth. Don't be fooled into losing your lifestyle and futures just because you have a guilt complex. We are be'n marketed into a middle class genocide. We are killing our futures for the sake of the Hollywood, Washington, New York, marketing gurus. They know your weaknesses. Renewable energy is here, been here forever. Look to the soil, the earth, look to the sun. Wind generation does has it's place also "where" is the question? But don't forsake fossil fuels for something that just doesn't work.

Watch the You Tube video below to enlighten yourself to what the root cause of a "climate change" initiative is. It's all to start a new tax structure. Wait my dear lemmings "Carbon Tax" is upon us!

These Corporations and their Governments wont be finished with us until we are dead and in our graves. Then who will they use to keep them rich?

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler

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I just blog for you guys. It's more a 'the whole world will know my name'-thingy :)

and yes, FRAUD is the right word! just another money-making-machine.

but nethertheless I think we should try to be more careful with mother earth.

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