Monday, January 07, 2008

Toronto International Motorcycle Show 2008

Big Stan and I went to the motorcycle show yesterday.
Ehhh...It was OK. Not as good as last year and way
worse than the year before.
The fuckers wanted $18.00 too!
Ahh...Who cares? It was a Boyz day out.
Plus we went to "Zet's" for steak and eggs.
Now that's worth the drive to the Airport!

Hope ya enjoy the shots.

The End.

Sa Later Wally.

18 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

wow some nice shots! like that last one, hehehe!

hope you had a good start!

Die Muräne said...

It's quite a long time since you bought your last bike! You prob should change that soon! (hehe, kidding)

wallycrawler said...

Ya D.M. I was say'n that to da wife this morning.

The doctor sez the swelling will go down on my nutz in about a week!

Thanx for confirming all men think the same..."Stupidly"! lol

wisdomstuff said...

Wow, isn't that interesting.

Ice said...

I went to those shows with my Dad.

I miss those outings with him... lotsa fun.

Nice pics. ;-)

Nice Christmas, dahling?

I'll be re-opening soon.

XO, Ice

wallycrawler said...

Wise-Gal wa ya don't like bikes?

Or is it the ugly "girl/bike"? That really is a sad look'n piece! Who would spend time fabricating that hunk'o'junk? Ahhh...Each to their own. The funny thing is that guy who made that bike, also made a great look'n ride that was way understated.

I know you meant the whole bike show, but I'm bored!


Ice, Ice Baby. My Christmas was fine. I missed having dinner with my Dad, that's fer sure. So I know what ya mean about miss'n do'n shit with your Dad. The kid did great this year. I think da wife bought out a couple o'stores! And I scored a "new" receiver at "Future Shop" on the door crasher @ Box'n Day. $1200.00 piece marked down to $399.00. A great deal!

Hey I'm about as old as your Dad, next time I'll take ya down to the CNE for the swap meet. If ya want?
I'm harmless. HACKmmmmm...Sure I am!

Wendy said...

the only great memory of hanging with my Dad is riding on the back of his Fat Boy. Sooo cool. My Dad has always been a collector of bikes.

Some of these bikes you took pics of are fantastic but seem as though they would hurt to ride for any length of time.

wisdomstuff said...

I was more referring to the last pic!

wisdomstuff said...

Oh, and left a comment for you on the latest.

wallycrawler said...

Wendy most of the custom bike could never be rode for long periods, maybe from the trailer to the show floor.

The one that can be rode, for long periods, is that cooper one that looks kind'a aged. That chopper was built by the legendary bike builder Jesse James and used on a ride from Southern California to the end of Mexico. The Discovery channel documented it in "Motorcycle Mania II". Kid Rock also rode a Jesse James Chopper in that Doc. His was there too, but I failed to take a pic., sorry!


Ol'Wise-One, He's GAY!

And I can't wait til Thursday!!!


Ice said...

You're not as old as my Dad ;) he passed at the age of 56. I'll go with ya for sure!

I'm good company, and harmless myself, promise!!!

wallycrawler said...

OK Ice we'll do that.

Ice said...

In like a G string.

wallycrawler said...

"In" like a butt plug.

TK Kerouac said...

freedom riders!
Is that Indian a Pee Wee Herman bike?

Ice said...

Okay a butt plug is more "in"... but G string sounds hotter.

wallycrawler said...

Ice I like "G" string better too!


Hey Tracey, those Indians were at one time "Board Racers". In da early 1900's to the dirty thirties these tracks were all over the East Coast. Toronto had two bank oval tracks for bike race'n. One was located at the ol'Greenwood racetrack. Unfortunately they all closed up during the depression, never to reopen. People just forgot about it.
Plus the sport was dangerous as hell!!!

Anonymous said...

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