Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Crucifixion Of Marion Jones.

I Knew This Would Happen!

The arrest and imprisonment of Marion Jones
sends a clear message to anyone that tells the truth.


I wrote about how the Canadian Government
destroyed Ben Johnson after he told the truth
about steroids and the Canadian track team.
Now the American Government is doing the same
to Marion. And we're watching and pointing fingers.
At Marion saying..."Tisk, tisk, tisk, that's what happens to cheaters".
No, that's what happens to anyone that "comes clean"!
It's funny, when she was the hero of the U.S. Track team,
in 2000, she tested positive for illegal drugs.
Marion denied she did steroids and everything was
fine. Everything was "gold" with the U.S.A.T.F.
Even when her "then husband" tested positive for steroids
and the whole Balco incident exploded, The United States of America Track and Field body stood behind Marion Jones.

They entered her into the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Now that she finally told the truth, "NOW" she's being crucified!
Even worse the U.S. government is looking into deporting Ms. Jones.
You see Marion is now not "really" an American.
She was originally from Belize.

"She has Belizean decent", is the way they're wording it?
It's funny how that happens. "NOW"!
Before Marion Jones was the "All American Girl"!
"NOW" she's a "disgraced cheater"/ "Immigrant".

They did the same to Ben Johnson too. After he told the truth, he magically became a Jamaican. "Funny Shit"!

It doesn't help Marion to be black and a woman too! "That's fer sure"!!!

If you ask me, the people that should be in jail are
the whole U.S.A.T.F. body. For the last
twenty five, to thirty, odd years the "governing bodies" knowingly entered illegal athletes into the Olympics and World Championships.
They connived ways to enter cheaters into the "Games".
They're the guilty party here!
Also the Olympic and World Championship "governing bodies" that let that happen,
year after year, after year.
These people are the ones that should be in jail.
Not The Ones Exposing Them For What They Are!
Exposing the hierarchy as Criminals, Liars, Frauds, Swindlers... all Marketing Cheaters.

Don't look for athletes like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons... to ever
admit to doing steroids, (They did them legally too!)
and I don't blame them.
The former athletes who have "come clean" are being
raked over the coals.

For Telling The Truth!

Sa later Wally.

14 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

handmaiden said...

It's an interesting subject.

You hit the nail on the head, the issue is not that these people take drugs, it's what happens when they tell the truth

Anyone in their right minds can see that steroid use has been going on for a long time with the consent of the (for lack of a better term) big people behind the athletes, the corporate heads, or as you say the "governing bodies"... now that the heat is on, it's the athletes that will take the fall.

I have been watching that woman wrestler "Chiyna" (i bet i spelled it wrong)on a reality show that is about celebrities & drug addictions, She has been talking about all the drugs that the wrestlers take. Of course! How else could they stand to put their bodies through that type of abuse.

I've never taken steroids but I have used certain other prescription drugs to deal with the pain that too much working out can cause.

wallycrawler said...

Funny how you mention wresting. I'm reading Bret Hart's book. "Hitman": "My Real Life In The Cartoon World Of Wrestling".

I love Autobiographies. I'll read anyone's take on their own life. "Mein Kamph", "Private Parts"...

Anyhoo Hitman's take on the steroid period in the 1980's and 90's was a refreshing take on why some athletes become addicted to drugs.

I think it's turns into a crutch, when it should be used as a tool. At first they use them to enhance power or weight. The steroid becomes more a tool to do less and receive more. Then the drugs start to weight on the athletes mind. They become convinced they would never succeed without them. And maybe they wouldn't! That's usually when the drugs get out'a hand. They start to do more than needed. Their common senses go out the window. It's a downward slide to ruin. That's why it's been best to use trainers to submit drugs (steroids, growth hormones...etc...) It takes it out of the athletes hands. A more logical safe and beneficial method is reached.

I'm a firm believer in the benefits of regulated steroid use. In older men and women. Also as a training partner for athletes. The trick is to make it safer. With the help of train professionals steroids can enrich all our aging population. To help men and women stay viral in our older age. "The cocktail" our sons and daughters will use will keep them younger longer. I'd just wish the medical profession would open up and tell the truth about the benefits of hormone therapy. It is the future. It is the elixir of the young, "The Fountain Of Youth"!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Actually she was tossed in the slammer for lying to the Federal Prosecutor about taking the steroids. The "you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth thing isn't just Hollywood.

The only amazing thing is she actually went to jail - celebs and congressmen have a different track in our legal system...

wallycrawler said...

Yes I know that is what the charges are.

So did Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr, Ronald Reagan...They all lied to grand juries too. They didn't see jail time. And they were facing much more serious crimes. The fact is she "came clean" and then they prosecuted her. If she kept her mouth shut and plead the 5th. she'd still be free.

She's become a whipping boy. Made that way because she is a woman, black and not of U.S. origin. That's my take anyway.

Toby said...

I have little to say about this, she's a cheater and she's paying "a price." The 800 hours of community service is punishment enough, the jail is for lying about a check scam, not a thing to do with her doing the drugs. With that said, I think the judge who sentenced her should take a look at his/her own life. He/her is only trying to make some name for his/herself. Maybe there's a book deal in it? The silly remark about it being a message to all other athletes is a bad joke at best.

TK Kerouac said...

Pretty steep, don't ya think?

I've added you to the the other open blog link

handmaiden said...

As Nietzsche says, (with a *sigh*) "Human, all too human."

How much should we pay for just being human?

Ice said...
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Ice said...

I leave for Mejico Thursday at 6am.

I'll bring you home something nice.

A tijuanna whore? (sp)

wallycrawler said...

Naw I've had one Ice. Stinky!


Toby I agree with your outlook

I just find it very funny how America is tearing down every athlete, company, and anything you should be proud of. All for the sake to save face. There isn't an elite athlete in the world that doesn't use some kind of doping practice. From Hockey Goalies using Sudafed, to Bicyclists blood doping...etc... It's crazy to put in select people in jail because they broke rules in a game or sport.

Otherwise who would win in my weekly poker match?
Not me that's fer sure!

All sports are won by who cheats the best. That's all part of sport and anyone who been involved in professional or even semi-profession sports knows that. When I played goal in Jr. A hockey I used illegal pads all through my elustrious career. I was caught a number of times. I still strapped up the same over stuffed pads the next game. Most of the time with the same referees. If you look at half the guys in the NHL you'd see illegal hockey sticks.

I also used mini perks at times of long hauls. Beans/Benzedrine. The amount of pain killers in the dressing room was would surprise ya too. I'd say about 2/3 of the guys had them in their bags. I didn't they slowed me down. Now say'n that all this drugs weren't illegal.

That's just my experience in Jr. hockey , my experience in Jr. Track and Field was even nuttier. And all this was in the Mid Eighties!

Nobody should see prison for lie'n about take'n steroids, grand jury or not. If they didn't lie their career would be over.

I say legalize em (roids) and get rid of all this nonsense, waste of time and money. All to sensationalize trail lawyers and make media headlines!


Thanx Tracey!

Die Muräne said...

It's just easier to point at others.

Good post Wally. And once more the sound fits well.

wallycrawler said...

Thanx D.M.

Keshi said...

so true...atleast she came out with the truth at the end.


wallycrawler said...

Yes Keshi it did take while, but she finally she did the right thing.