Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tom Cruise Talking About Scientology

See Video Here--->Here's Tommy

It's back!!!

With the new "Andrew Morton" book coming out about Tom Cruise. I wanted you to see who the real Tom Cruise is. This guy is "whacked out". I will post this also on my SCaM blog. We need to know what this cult will do to people. To understand what happens when your mind has been altered.

If your wondering what a "S.P." is? It is a "Suppressive Person". And K.S.W. means "Keep Scientology Working"!
They say Tom is now at the highest level of OT. I have no idea what level that is, but it takes logic and replaces it with soup!

15 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Kelly Gorski said...

"Soup"? Ha. You're being far too generous with that statement. I'd say "shit."

Keshi said...

he's a whackjob for sure..


wallycrawler said...

Sorry guys U-Tube has this video off fit's list as per Da Church Of Scientology's lawsuit threat.

Google has no balls!

wallycrawler said...

Sorry guys U-Tube has this video off fit's list as per Da Church Of Scientology's lawsuit threat.

Google has no balls!

wisdomstuff said...

Darn it and I was just getting around to watching it.

wisdomstuff said...

Wow! It appears with all that load he's carrying around he couldn't manage to slip on a wedding ring. Go figure!

concerned citizen said...

Whatever he's taking, I want some!

On second thought...I don't. I think I'll stick w/reality.

wallycrawler said...

Tom Cruise has typical Manic Depression. I have a good friend that suffers from this brain disorder. I can see the same delusionary antics and sometimes delusions of grander ("People need me to solve their problems!").
I feel for him as I do for my very talented friend. My buddy has highs and lows that are, without medication, horrific. The video of Cruise ranting and laughing is very disturbing, but that's him on a good time! Wait a hour and see the aftermath!!!
Tom Cruise does have a great talent on screen. This disease, depression, comes hand in hand with great artists. I love most of his movies. It pains me to say this, I kind'a like him. But I think he's a detriment to society. If one person follows his path down the road to ruin , Scientology, it would be a families tragedy. Especially if that person wasn't well, physically or mentally. Scientologists don't believe in any medical intervention or cures. Everything can be cured with vitamins , minerals and meditation (for a lack of a better word). That means there are thousands of in this "CULT" that are without treatment.
If any of you research this you will know this is true. There are thousands of deaths due to da Church of Scientology!!!


And C.C. Tom Cruise isn't on any meds. That's Tommy, all day, all night.
Can you imagine live'n with that? He is crazed. Going further and further into the abyss!

"A Manic"!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Need to make a pilgrimage to L. Ron Hubbard's grave and lay a huge steamer on it.

Toby said...

Scientology has more money and better lawyers than Google? We're in more trouble than I thought.

Excerpts are still here -

Tom is dangerous!!!

Toby said...

A big volcano sized steamy.

Not sure if this ( is the same from my last link, I can only sit through it so many times.

Tom is a nut!

wallycrawler said...

Hey Kid I don't think L.Ron was buried? I think he was frozen?

So we should piss on his popsicle!


Toby I still have the link on my main page. It takes you to

Ya think Scientology has more money that Google? HMMMM...That's a good debate...That could be fun to see if that was true.

Maybe I'll try to see if that's the case. Anyway both have huge resources and both don't want to lose'em. That's fer sure!

It's funny that Google backed down so fast to them though, cause they have been sued and are being sued by some big name networks/production companies. They blinked hard this time and fast!

And Gawker isn't afraid at all!!!
Maybe they welcome the free publicity that a trail would cause.


Toby said...

So Fast is funny and weird. Has Scientology penetrated google? I've always wondered when a web page loads slow and it says "google anylitics". Pardon my spelling, they don't have a hold of me... yet.

handmaiden said...

That's right they don't believe in drugs, do they?

The video on the link is very strange. I think I agree with the manic-depressive diagnosis. (Don't they call that bi-polar now days?

One positive note. At least we don't have one of those running for president at the moment. :)

wallycrawler said...


Ya! I do think that Google as a company is good to their workers through!

...But they're hugely unscrupulous. They steal as fast as anyone can create!