Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's Goes On In Vegas , Stays In Vegas ! Ya Sure !!!

This Is Miss Nevada 2006

Isn't She Cute ?

So Innocent .

So Young .

Whoops ! She Must Have Broken A Button & Zipper ?

The Little Minx .

Look Miss Nevada is try'n to help that girl with a stain .
She didn't want it to set in !

These gals are forever spilling drinks on themselves !

They just ate some spicy wings .

OK ...Um , that girl's boob was on fire & Miss Nevada helped that nice fireman put it out .

People really should stop smoke'n in public places !

She's still obviously in a great deal on pain .

Miss Nevada shows her gratitude to Mr.Fireman for help'n out her friend .

Oh these two are very , very good friends .

OK , OK ...I'm get'n major wood here !

I give up . She's a slut !

But I luv her for it !!!

God Bless Her .

Viva Las Vegas .

tHe PoOr InNocEnt GiRl loSt Her TitTLe !

30 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Keshi said...

its a very sad world out there!


wallycrawler said...

Ya it is !

She's a sad , sad , hawt girl .

My favorite type .

tkkerouac said...

love this blog and your thumbnail.

Chicky Pea said...

LOL, Wally. It's a good thing we could never put you into the "pig" category. You really do illustrate my point brilliantly.

L>T said...

wally, if you didn't talk about Scientology(?) or Home Depot once in a while, we'd think you were just a Horn Dog.

My favorite type. ha ha!

4 comments so far & all from women. What does that mean?

wallycrawler said...

Hey Minx I'm happy you finally crossed over to the dark side . I really like your "Cougar" site ! And the pictures !!! Come back anytime .

Ya know it's funny I was on your blog yesterday . I ventured over from "Steph's" . Man you post allot !

I'm glad you thought I was "Brilliant" , you should tell my wife She thinks I'm waste'n time do'n this !


Chicky Pea , you think I'm a "pig" ? Come on , you love da Crawler , don't ya ?
That poor , innocent , sweet , young thing was given a rough time of it . I was merely try'n to show the logical explanations to those awkward photos . Give'n her some support . I was do'n her a service . Don't ya think ?


I>t I think it means that O'Wally has his finger on the trigger...Umm no Chic Pea will think I'm a pig if I word it that way .
I mean his finger on the pulse...Ahh that doesn't sound right .
His mind squarely on the core of women all over the continent...I think that's worse .

OK OK I dunno why? A fluke I guess ?!
It's nice though .

Toby said...

Give it up Wally, you won't win this one. ALL men are pigs to different degrees.

I was just schooled in that yesterday.

tkkerouac said...

thanx for the visit wally. Just tell your wife its a creative outlet and keeps you out of trouble, ...I think.

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, rumor has it you are all about the service. How could I not love you, Wally?

wallycrawler said...

Ya Toby what happened yesterday ?


I'll relay that info to da wife young Minx and thanx for the advise .


Ya Chick I'm in the service industry ya know ?!

Luv's Ya Back ;)--\<

hannah said...

what the shit?...
why do all these chicks prostrate themselves for the general entertainment? is there cash involved?

Toby said...

See, it's HARD to tell when cp is friendly, she's a wild one. She give you something to take with you. To the hospital.

Chicky Pea said...

There is that charm Toby is so famous for displaying.

Chicky Pea said...

Hey Wally, looks like the Chicky sprouted legs!

The Phosgene Kid said...

All right, mormons gone wild!! If lesbians are going to take pictures they better be good looking!!

Toby said...

See Wally, I told you she's easy. In a pinch.

Steph said...

Did they graduate from the Paris Hilton school of famewhoring? :P

Nice tits though.

Chicky Pea said...

Oh Toby, Wally is all about easy. Stop trying to sell me!

wallycrawler said...

Hannah , no cash .

Stupid Girl = Just Add Alcohol + Cocaine .

I think that's the formula ? At least it was when I was younger ! HaHa .

Chickie Pea & Toby...Get a room will ya !

Have you guys ever seen "Entourage" ? "Well Hug It Out"


Kid wha ya say'n ? Those gals , "Aren't Good Look'n" ? Cause if you think they're not , I'm come'n to your city to see what you'all got there !
I think those three are smoke'n hawt ! Stupid , but SMOKE"N !


Steph , hey waz up ? Long time no see .
Hey Kid what do ya think ? Is Steph the best look'n gal in Blogdom or what ? I think you are that's fer sure and smart too !

Ya they all have great breasts and aren't to shy on show'n them either . Don't ya think though , if you were try'n to be Miss World/America/whatever you'd keep your pants on though ?

"Look'at dat stupid girl" !

Toby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wallycrawler said...

Hey Toby I thought that was kind'a harsh , didn't you ?
I guess ya did cause you deleted it .
Good on ya pal , good on ya !

The Phosgene Kid said...

No, I was happy that they are good looking lesbians, not all butched out 60 someting lesbians you see around here.

wallycrawler said...

Kid OK then . I'll stay in Vegas or Key West then .

Toby said...

It wasn't that bad, just being the bigger person.

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, I've got my own room but thanks for the suggestion.

wallycrawler said...

You two kids are full of spunk !

Ice said...


Of course the pics but your walking us through the pics was too funny!!!

Good job, you.

Great post.

wallycrawler said...

Thanx Ice !

Your funny too .

Die Muräne said...

"4 comments so far & all from women. What does that mean? "

Sorry, I wanted to comment first... but then I fainted! haha

hotties, I wish they could be lill smarter. but they're in Nevada anyways, so who cares ;P

wallycrawler said...

Hey D.M. WAZ UP ?

Hope ya had fun in Norway dude !