Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here's Some Paint Schemes I'm Think'n About .

I Love This Paint & The Checkered Flag Theme Goes Well With My 1200SR Sportster .

I Love The Ghost Flames , But I'd Have Ta Paint The Whole Bike If I'd Go With This Paint . Beautiful Though

I Want The Bike To Look Mean So I'm Lean'n On Have'n It Painted Blue With Lightning Bolts Like The Scheme Here . "Harley Sky Blue" . That's My Bikes Colour .

OK This Would Go Great With My Bike , But I'd Reverse The Colours .

This Is The One I'm In Love With . It's The Right Theme And I Think Painted Sky Blue It Would Look Great !

This Is My Favorite Paint . Harley Orange And Black , With The Checkered Flag Theme . I'd Have'ta Paint The Whole Bike But I Love This Paint .

I'm Torn .
So What Do You Think ...?

The Video Is "Paradise City" by Guns 'n Roses
All I have'ta Say About Them Is ...Wa Hap'n ?
They Had It All , Talent , Stage Presents , A Huge Crossover Fan Base , Pussy Galore !
Why Fuck Dat Up ?
ahhh...Good Song Though , That Holds Up Well .

8 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Les said...

I'm definitely voting for the lightening bolts. I love that look.

jungle jane said...

i like traditional orange. that's cos i am old and boring.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I like the muted flames in the first couple of pictures, reminds me of the classic hotrods.

Die Muräne said...

what about a big swiss cross?

Bostick said...

Man I like that First one the best. I think if you were able to scale down the square pattern a little bit it would look more like carbon fiber. That lightning one is kinda cool on a metallica album but on a bike kinda gay looking i think.

Les said...

It's 2:48 am, I can't sleep and have nothing of any importance to say. Just thought you'd like to know.

wallycrawler said...

Ya Les I like them .
The tank will be bolts of lightning for sure !


Hey JJ how's my favorite young chick ?

Man you sure went on a long hiatus didn'tya ?

Anyhoo , ya that's my favorite paint scheme too , but i don't think I can afford paint'n the whole bike so it'll be "da bolts" .


Die Murane , I'd do that fer sure , but every one would run up to my bike look'n for first aid and ya know what ? They'd Die !


Bostick wa'r'ya'say'n ?
You say'n I like salami or sum'thin ?
Like you , I do have guns !


Les so da Crawler is your "bootie call" eh ?

I don't mind if you don't ?

Next time MSN me , Ive got a web cam !

Les said...

Wally, I figured if anyone would be game it'd be you. You stood me up. I had to result to self service.