Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday The 13th. Port Dover .

This Was The 25th. Anniversary Of Canada's Biggest Bike Rally At Port Dover , Ontario .
Man Was It Fuck'n Cold !
Buffalo , New York And Fort Erie , Ontario Had A F'n Snow Storm That Night .
Go'n Into Dover A Massive Ice Storm Started . "What A Fuck'n Mess" !
Even though The Weather Was Crap The Turn Out Was Pretty Good .

This Is A Shot Of Me The Day Before .


Wait'n Outside Da "Norfolk Tavern"

A Shot Outside Of "Angelo's" . They had six different bands play'n there . The party usually starts here

Some guys just want their pictures taken .

Here's a shot of all the bikes lined up , right down to lake Erie .

"What Da Fuck" ?

How did a shot of "Buck Angel" get in here ?... Ummm...never mind skip this picture ...

Another shot of "Angelo's" .

Some Crazies !

A cold weather rider .

These guys have balls !

"Small Shrunken Balls" , but balls !

Sorry about the quality of the pictures , but I forgot my "Nikon" @ home , so I used a disposable camera .

Lynyrd Skynyrd Ain't My Style , But The Sentiment Is There And There's Bikes In Da Video Sooo..."Red ,White,&Blue" It Is . Enjoy ?

"Fuck That" ! I Couldn't Stand That Piece'o'Shit Song & Video .

I Wanted To Punch That Lead Singer In Da Face ! Fuck'n Pro War Crap ! Neil Young Was Right . You Suck !

OK Here's Weezer , "We Are All On Drugs" .

Here's Something Everyone Should Be Interested In :

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18 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Blonde Vigilante said...

Looks like a good time. Except for the dude with the clit.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Blondie , I thought you liked clits ?
Ya it was a good time . The next one's in April , so if ya wanna come...

wallycrawler said...

Oh ya I'll be in V.B. in May for your Bike Rally !

Die Muräne said...

Great post, wallycrawler, I love the pics (also because they look so old, really seventies style or whatever). No time for good weather rider pussies.

wallycrawler said...

Ya man it was fun , but the cold weather kept the hawt babes inside , so no boobies were fly'n and the place became a sausage fest .

ahh who cares it was fun !

Les said...

I'm not even sure what to make of that dude.

wallycrawler said...

Les , "Dude" is a "Dudette" , honest !

Bostick said...

Dude. Is that pussy guy for real?

wallycrawler said...

Bostick , ya man she is very much "fer real" !
Her name is "Buck Angel" . She was at one time a model . Really a model !
If ya want ya can download some of her older shots . Now she's a preopp trans and porn star .

L>T said...

somewhere i have some black & white pictures I took of a bike rally (show) they had in our town.

Unfortunately the local yokels & the newspaper were not into it. I'm going to try to find the pics for you. :)

wallycrawler said...

I>t ya that would be great . Thanx a lot !

The Phosgene Kid said...

I lived in Rapid City for a time and got to see the side of the road lined with bikes. It was the overflow from Sturgis, I think. It was a lot of fun.

Toby said...

L>T is old and/or artsy. :)

wallycrawler said...

Hey Kid , next year I think I'm gonna go to Sturgis for the first time . I think it would be the time of my life !


Toby I'm glad you said that not me !

PDD said...


Wow! You need to hang out with Pinky.

P.S. Hook me up with that bitch.

PDD said...


Keshi said...

LOL omg who the hell is that!


wallycrawler said...

PDD waz up girlfriend ?
OK checked out da blog . Pretty cool !
Ya I'll hook ya up , but only if ya video tape it and use me as the director .

Keshi , shes an old mate .LOL

Buck Angel , trans-gender pornstar .