Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here Are Some Pictures I've Downloaded , For Some Reason , Or Another .

Here's A Nipple Slip Of Pam Anderson . I Downloaded It Ta Use As A Visual Gag , But I Couldn't Think Of Anything . Besides Who Hasn't Seen Her Titties ?

Here's A Poperotzi Shot Of Cruise And His Pals . Ahhh A Noth'n Shot . Except It Shows How Short This Leprechaun Is !

GREAT ASS !!! Missy May's Ass . Amazing ! The Real Reason Pro Volleyball Has Huge E.S.P.N. Rate'ns !

Here's A Picture Of The Smartest Man In The World , Grigori Perelman . Anyway I Was Gonna Write A Blog About Him Tell'n The European Media Ta Shove Their "Merit" Award , "The Field's Medal" . He Said He Was Too Busy To Receive Their Useless Piece Of Tin .
"I'm The Smartest Man In The World , Do You Think I Have Time Ta Pick-Up A Useless Hunk'O'Junk" !
"Hey Grigori That Medal's Made Of Gold Ya Know" ?
..."Ummm , Mail It" !

I Rarely Post Anything About Jessica Simpson , If Ever ! I Think See Has "Some" Talent So I Leave Here Alone . MAN Does She Ever Have A Great Body ! She's Very Natural Look'n Too . Massive Boobs , Hawt Legs , Pretty Face , Smoke'n ! She Can Sing Too , Unlike Her Sister And The Rest Of That Lame "Pop-Star" Crap Go'n On . There's Her And Christina That Have Talent , That's It !

I Was Gonna Use This Press Photo Of John Daily As A "Shot" At Pro Golf , But I Heard Him On The Howard Stern Show And He Seemed Like A "Cool Guy" , So I Didn't ...Hey It Passed ...He's A Tub'O'Lard Like Most Gofers . A Nice Guy , But A Drunk'n Tub'O'Lard !

Stephanie LaGrossa From Survivor . I Downloaded This At The Philadelphia Flyers Web Site . She's Now Some Kind'a "Motivational Announcer Thingy" For The Flyers . Eh , It's A Job ! Hey It's Better Than Mine . Hey Steph Give Me A Job !?

I Shopped Up This Movie Poster A Bit , But Didn't Really Need It . It's The Truth Though ! This Movie Was The Topper That Killed "Tommy Boy's" Career At Universal .

Oh This Picture Is So Tell'n . It Looks Like A Brother And Sister Kiss'n , Or Maybe A Gay Man And Dim Woman Fake'n It . Either Or .

I Love Shots Of Men In Love . Beautiful !

The Reason Why They Are In Love !

OK Everybody Knows Why I Downloaded This Shot .

Music : The Stereophonics Live , "Dakota" . It's Catchy !

23 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Les said...

Seriously, Wally, did I give you permission to post my picture of me and my girlfriend? Did I?

Toby said...

Jessica Simpson is about as hot as Christina Uglyera, but on to real life. I saw Daily golfing with Alice Cooper a few years ago. John Daily is one of my heros, he put "fun" into golf.

Paul F. said...

Tom Cruise is not gay, he's queer...

wallycrawler said...

Sorry Les . I thought we were cool after what we did last night !?

Again sorry and I'll do anything ta make it to you .

Toby we always come to lager heads with our different tastes in women . Now with you be'n a golfer , wow I don't know what ta say ?
Like I said John Daily really comes off as a good guy so I didn't use his photo , but it passed .
He represents everything I hate about America and Canada . The fat lazy slobs , smoke'n , his over usage of booze , a drug addict , an all around dreg . Lucky enough that he can muscle a ball down a fairway and he blows it . He's almost broke . What a retard ! I hate golf and what it represents the total lack of care of the environment , the race issues , the fat cats , man there isn't one good and moral thing that golf can represent , except maybe that most of those fat deep breathing , pompous , money grub'n bastards will die on the field they built ! Daily will die a ugly death , probably drunk , face down in a gutter next to a lawn sprinkler . I'll look good on him
. Hopefully he'll land on Alice Cooper and we'll get a two'fer . Sorry !

wallycrawler said...

Toby sorry I lost you blog when I changed over to beta . I have relinked ya dude .

Les said...

....anything to make it up to me. I'll have to get back to you on that one after some consideration.

L>T said...

there is something very strange looking about Pam's nipple. Must have to do with those boob jobs. Ugh, I think her boobs are kinda gross, But, i'm not a guy.

wallycrawler said...

OK Les anytime !

I>t her tits look odd . Ya your not a guy but you do know ugly and her titties are very ugly now .

wallycrawler said...

No Paul . Tom is not queer , he's peculiar , ya that's the proper word "peculiar" .

Tom Cruise is very peculiar

wallycrawler said...

He's also gay !

Blonde Vigilante said...

Okay when you told that girl to give you a job..how come you didn't tell her to give you a blow job?

Blonde Vigilante said...

Shit, I'd let her eat me out.

Toby said...

Wally, Wally, Wally and Wally... I hate golf and all it stands for. I only mentioned Daly and Alice, who I watched on TV, because it was a little more light hearted. Watching some old washed up rocker along with some washed up fat drunk guy traversing the links was comedy gold.

You're forgiven. :)

Thanks for linking me again.

Onto more important stuffs. I think most of the girls/women you think are hot, are hot, they're just not my cup 'o tea. I would much rather enjoy a real woman and what a real woman has to offer. I'm really disgusted, all most as much as you are with golf, at the importance N. America places on "stars" in general, but mostly on dingbat, stuck up, not good for much hollywood skanks.

Tara Reid is a prefect example. If even one of them had any tallent to speak of my opinion might be different.

wallycrawler said...

Blonde how'bout a drink some time ?

wallycrawler said...

Toby all I have ta say is "Here , Here , Here" !

I knew we were soul brothers !

L>T said...

Hmmm, I THINK tom cruise is queer, gay & peculiar& he has a tiny pin head to boot.

Die Muräne said...

nice pics, hehe that's a good start in the morning.

Hope you'll have a good day at the races today! Looking forwards for some hot shots.

Toby said...

We do agree on Jessica Alba. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

The photos of Tom Cruise kind of ruin the nice titty shots. Maybe we could bust Mark David Chapman out of jail and drop him off in Cruise’s neighborhood…

Gyrobo said...

Tom Cruise? Famous enough to download? When did this... oh, I get it. He's famous because of that thing he did, back in the 40's. The time travel thing.

Still, he won't win a Grammy with that attitude.

Bostick said...

Christina can sing better and has better tits and ass. Too bad that dork she married ruined the goods. Wally, you know he isnt treatin it right.

Tom Cruise is a joke, I would whip his ass in a second.

Jessica Alba is too fucking tan, she looks like a god damn carrot in a lizard suit.

Fuck bush, hes a cocksucker.

Those nekkid hos are bitchin.

Pam anderson is old and tired and has Hep.However, most guys would still hit it condomless if given the chance however.

I linked you dude..

Les said...

Wally, Toby - is that the only person you agree on? I bet I could come up with one more.

wallycrawler said...

Sorry I've been away for a few days at the "Friday The 13th. Bike Rally" , in Port Dover , Ontario .
We all had great time . Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures later this week .

Da Wallycrawler .