Saturday, December 24, 2005

Da Top 10 Most Talked About Things Of Da Year

1] " HURRICANES " !!!

Nothing funny here this was one fuck'd up year for these killers !

2] Who's Da Hottest ?

By default Anna is still the champ . Maria has acne . Jelena is still not of age so can't dethrone the "Queen" . Besides I don't want to be called a pervert ! Look out next year though !

3] Tom On Oprah

Proof positive that Cruise is GAY ! No strait man would ever act like that , ever . Tom thinks that's how guys feel & act when in love . Guys don't act that way even when they just got the best rim-job of their lives . We barely even acknowledge that the chick is alive . THAT'S A STRAIT MAN ! A gay man acts the way he did [ not that there is anything wrong with being gay ] ! Live It , love it , be it ! Don't be a fool for the rest of your life .

4] "Frankenboob"

Remember this fuck-up ? Tara you were sooo hot . Wa da fuck did you do ? " Get'n drunk & give'n blow jobs not enuff now ya gotta kill dem titties " ! My Ex had fake ones but they didn't look like that . "Whoff" ! " Dems is Ugg-lly "! Your tits now reflect your career " A MESS " ! " Good luck next year drunk " .

5] "Dumba"

This son'o'satan has been a busy boy dis year , with all the kill'n & all , but it'll all be worth it in da end , when he descends to hell from which he came . "Keep up da bad work stupid " !

6] Howard " Friggin " Stern

"500 Million bucks" !!! OK ? I love Howard but 500 MILLION FUCK'N DOLLARS ??? Ya gotta be fuck'n kid'n me ! He's everywhere hoch'n dat radio "60 Minutes" , "Letterman" , "The Toady Show" It better be good Stern cause I bought da Sirius Satellite Radio ! So far the product is great , love it ! Hopefully the company will cover it's debts and wont be taken over by foreign bodies [ large TV & radio giants ]. Good-Luck !!!

7] Scientology

Dis cult is for the truly stupid ! The only way to explain this shit is " afraid " . The celebrity members of this crap are afraid of exposure . Da "Church" will cover any "misadventures" or "deeds" with a offense of attorneys that would rival Microsoft . If anyone exposes anything about a famous member ..."Look out", you will be sued into oblivion . "LOOK OUT WALLY"!

8] Madonna

" Da Hog " ! I don't know how she does it , but every year she's on my top 10 . This old " HO " Hit the wall 10 years ago and she's gotten less & less relevant since the crash . Now she's an advocate for a cult of Jewish witches . She is in the " Wallycrawler Hall Of Fame " for being stupid ...& useless . Her so-called career is officially over KAPUT, DONE , GOOD-BYE ! SA next year !!!

9] Angelina Jolie

A real "holly-weird" story in da making . What a beautiful woman , what a humanitarian , what an incredible slut ! She'll fuck anything or anyone [ brother ? ] to further her career and keep her name in the news .

10 ] DA Wallycrawler

What a great insight this man has ! His ability to report the truth is nothing but miraculous ! " Wa a great bod eh gals " ? God bless him .

2 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

F.J. Delgado said...

this is hilarious.

pure gold!

i've got you linked on my site, and i'll be sending you some love in the form of some links and shoutouts to these money write-ups in the near future.


wallycrawler said...

K . Thanx