Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tell Hollywood It's Not Green to "Greenwash" Sewage Sludge with "Organic" School Gardens!

This Story Takes da Cake:

Dumb Asses!

Some of Hollywood's "green" celebrities—Rosario Dawson, Ed Begley, Jr., and a bevy of starlets—thought they were promoting organic school gardens for inner-city kids.

But the Environmental Media Association (EMA) teamed them up with a secretive corporation, Kellogg Garden Products, whose main business is selling Los Angeles sewage sludge products!

That company calls its Kellogg brand "quality organics" and deceptively labels bags sold at the garden store as "garden soil" made from "compost"—with no mention of which products are made from industrial and human waste which contains tens of thousands of contaminants such as dioxin, PCBs, medical waste, industrial solvents and chemicals, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, and flame retardants, among others. That's why federal law bars the use of sewage sludge-based products in organic gardens.

So, when news broke that Kellogg Garden Products provided sewage sludge products to EMA's "organic" school gardens—and its spokesperson even posed with sewage sludge-derived products at the gardens—you'd think EMA and its stars would cut all ties to the sludge industry.

But you'd be wrong. Instead of denouncing the contamination of the kids' gardens and the corporation's effort to "greenwash" its brand through associating with stars devoted to organic produce, EMA is sticking with its corporate donor. So far.

Help us tell Hollywood it's not green to partner with a company that put sewage sludge on school gardens and that sells this stuff without labeling it to say "This product is derived from sewage sludge."

Click Here to Tell Hollywood to Stop Greenwashing Sewage Sludge!

Taken From "PR Watch"

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