Monday, May 02, 2011

If Ya Believe da Hype: Bin Laden Was Found On His Family's Compound.

  I Personally Don't Believe A Word Of What Was Reported Yesterday. Mainly Because Of How It Was Reported By da President & How da Media Isn't Asking Any Questions About His Remains, How They Took Care Of Them, Why A Burial At Sea?... There's a million questions... Another question that just pops up. If da CIA Knew That Bin Laden Was In Hiding At This Residence For Four Years Why No Action? Da President Knew Of His Whereabouts Since August? & No Action...? It Goes On & On & On... Anyways?... Here's what I wrote about 4 years ago.

Re: Sept 11th, 2007:

Fact Or Fiction?
Osama Bin Laden lives in the caves that hover around the Pakistan and Afghanistan boarder!

Fiction: In reality Osama lives the "Life of Reilly"!
Bin Laden lives in the homes of his followers . Some are very lavish some much more modest, but nice. This was a P.R. man's way of saying Bin Laden was running scared. The truth be told he doesn't care if he lives or dies. He sees himself as a Holy Man. He believes everything he professes. That makes him a force to be reckoned with. Something America will never come to realize until it's to late. The media treats him as a buffoon. He's not. George Bush is the buffoon!

A very wise man's comment:

"It seems everyone on here is asleep ... People. Question, question, question... About everything. Leave to stone unturned. This Obama and before him Bush do not want the right of questions being answered. What ever happened to the "Socratic Method"? I`m sure at sometime in American History these things did happen? Question-answers-debate? Proof of what is being said. 911 was a joke from the start & till now! Wake up!"

Oh wait... That was me!

Anyway da Boogieman Is Dead. Rejoice!
Wally OOT There Again!

2 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Raquel's World said...

Wally, I did hear some answers to those questions.
For example- Why he was buried at sea? They did not want to have burial spot that could serve as a memorial for his followers.

So do you think he is alive?

wallycrawler said...

Naw I don't. I think OBL has been either dead or next to death for years.
This whole story seems way to contrived. Eg: He used one of his wives as a human shield... Stuff like that.

America has made a martyr. One that can live on.

Let's just get some questions answered and some proof.