Friday, February 25, 2011

Kings Of Rock ! cough.ripoff...cough.ripoff...cou... Part Quarto.

With all da controversy over Lady Antebellum ripping off The Alan Parsons Project I thought I'd just Spin an old web. It's a good web so? ...

So Here's The Story About The Supposed "Kings Of Rock".

Now after five years, I finally have found web pages that shows proof positive that what I wrote about years ago. It's the ugly truth about this rock quartet.

I'm am also borrowing pages from  "Nash The Slash's" web site...

In the late 60's and the early 70's their was 3 huge bands "The Beatles" , "The Rolling Stones", and a new kid on the block "Led Zeppelin". I was a fan of all three and so were all my buds. These three bands controlled the teen world. Who knew at the time where the lyrics and music they made really came from? We kind'a knew the "Stones" borrowed heavily from the early blues legends Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters...etc... We never knew how much they "borrowed"?

I was listening to the "Howard Stern Show" in March. He had a writer on that wrote some book. Da guy was Timothy English. The book was "Sounds Like Teen Spirit". Stern and the gang were talk'n about how surprised they were at who stole what from who. Gary ("Ba Ba Boey") said "Led Zeppelin's" whole catalogue was in question? In fact the new liner notes were being changed on the "Best Of Led Zeppelin". They were change'n the song writing credits from "Page & Plant" to whoever they ripped-off. The Biggest news was the classic Rock song of all time, the one everyone knows as "the song" of this era, was a compete rip-off! Ya know what song I'm talk'n about don'tcha? Do I have'ta write it dude? OK... "Stairway To Heaven". I know what your think'n . "NO WAY DUDE"! Ya Way Dude!

Back in the early 1970's my friends listened to all kinds of Rock music. We really enjoyed a little known band from da U.S. This Rock band had a record that reached platinum in Canada. It was was recorded in 1970 and produced by legendary producer David Briggs (Neil Young's producer). This classic album wasn't really that well received in the U.S. To be fair it kind'a didn't get air play there. It did north of da boarder. A underground station in Toronto started play'n it heavily around 1971. The bands name is "Spirit" and the albums title was "The Twelve Dreams Of Doctor Sardonicus". I know what your think'n, what does "Spirit" have'ta do with "Zeppelin"? Plenty. In the late 60's they toured together. It seems Page & Plant kind'a took a'like'n to a certain song "Spirit" performed nightly. "Taurus" was the song they coveted. "Stairway To Heaven" is a replica of "Taurus". The cord progression in "Stairway To Heaven" is also incredibly similar to a song by the "Chocolate Watch Band", "And She's Lonely." This is another similarity. They just so happened to have toured with this group also! I would love to say this is all a coincidence , but these coincidences happen way to often with those two artists, Page & Plant. As a matter of fact I think Jimmy Page has stolen Randy California's (he wrote Taurus) way of playing guitar. I'll say something else I think all royalties from "Stairway To Heaven" should be paid to the family of Randy California . Unfortunately Randy died along with his son, in a swimming accident in Hawaii .
Here is a short list of songs Zeppelin ripped-off completely or "borrowed from".

Now who would believe they would rip-off folk singers? Well they did!
"Babe I’m Gonna Leave You" sung by Joan Baez...became "Good Times, Bad Times". "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" was stolen from folk singer Anne Bredon the writer. Through legal action the liner note has been changed to "Bredon/Page/Plant" .
"How Many More Times" ; The 1st. half the song is rip'd from Howlin' Wolf .The 2nd. half rip'd from a Albert King song "The Hunter" .
"The Lemon Song" ; Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" . They should just call the band "Howlin' Wolf" they rip'd' off this dude so much !
"Moby Dick" ; Sleepy John Estes's "The Girl I Love" .
"Whole Lotta Love" Lyrics and music written be Steve Marriott From "The Small Faces" He was paid off back in the 70's to shut-up about it . Trouble was Steve Marriott borrowed and gave credit to Willie Dixon's "You Need Love"... Zeppelin did neither!
They also "borrowed" Willie's "I Can’t Quit You Baby". They didn't even bother to change the title, they were so brazen!
The list of songs goes On & On & On...

This isn't Led Zeppelin borrowing or paying homage to forgotten artists. This is stealing music fret by fret, note be note, lyric by lyric! To fool yourself thinking it's any other thing would be a disservice to yourself, your youth and the artist that they stole from. Once Plant and Page put their names on the liner notes...That's it, the song has been plagiarized!

I wrote at the top of this post I would give proof to this story and here it is.

Also "Nash The Slash's" pages on Led Zeppelin, Steve Marroitt and the band "Spirit".

-----& Here!
-----& Here!

To say "Zeppelin" is a bunch'o'bullshit would be a understatement . I think the band should be pulled from the "Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame" and replaced with the real people who they ripped-off . Namely "Spirit's" Randy California and "Humble Pie's" Steve Marriott. ---Watch This!

And of coarse the Blues & Folk legends of the 40's, 50's & 60's!

Maybe the most influential musician of our time Willie Dixon:

I think he's in the "Hall Of Fame"! Steve Marriott Of "Humble Pie" & "The Small Faces": A little known fact is the movie "Almost Famous" is based on the "Humble Pie's" Steve Marriott!

Steve Marriott

 If you wanna see what a "REAL" tribute is?--- Hear This!

The Great Randy California

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler

5 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Heff said...

Say it ain't so, Jimmy !!

I read about this a few years ago, and was both shocked and disappointed.

wallycrawler said...

Ya me too Heff.

They still have Kashmir. The one they didn't steal.... unless?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Saw a good documentary on copyrights and how the definition has been changed by the corporate world only too eager to keep music or art from developing naturally (by building off older works)so they can keep a tight grasp on the money making potential.

wallycrawler said...

Kid I agree. Led Zeppelin was the first hand crafted "Rock Band" by producers to make money. There were other "pop" artists and "pop" bands before them, but Zeppelin was da first hard rock band. If you read Nash The Slash he more or less confirms that.
Everyone who were music-wise knew they were rip-off artists.
That be'n said, why didn't anyone stand up and say somethin? Well one reason Led Zeppelin was controlled by "Thug" record producers & managers. You would be putting your life and your career into jeopardy. I would be very surprised that Led Zeppelin the group made very much money at all? And if you look back.. That maybe the reason they didn't reform? Their old management ripped them off. Plus if they did, their albums would sell and I don't think da band would make a penny for them personally. They would have'ta pay royalties to the original artists and record company. Leaving them with diddly.

I have been read'n interviews with Jimmy Page. He still defends himself. That puts a huge chip on my shoulder let alone the artists he ripped off.
Google "Led Zeppelin Sued".

The real funny thing about Jimmy...? He's never won a case of libel. He either settles or loses. They have been such an easy cases.
The Jake Holmes case with "Dazed and Confused". Just look into that. Page stole that whole song from him. Jake Homes even jammed with Jimmy when they were da Yardbirds. Da man has no sole.

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