Friday, March 04, 2011

Guess Who Has His Own Radio Show Thanx To Howard Stern?

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Hear all about Charlie Sheen from every angle
Tiger Blood Radio
Saturday, March 5, 6am ET - Sunday, March 6, 6pm ET | SiriusXM Stars Too - Sirius 108 AND XM 139
Tune in to "Tiger Blood Radio," a 24-hour limited run channel that will explore the breaking news, facts, fallout and career implications of the Charlie Sheen controversy.
"Tiger Blood Radio" will take listeners behind the headlines, exploring the media frenzy/media reaction, as well as the medical, psychological, psychiatric and pop culture and celebrity angles. Additionally, through a recap of news coverage, it will offer a timeline of recent events.
During the exclusive, limited run channel, SiriusXM listeners will hear archival Playboy Radio clips featuring "Goddess"/current live-in girlfriend Bree Olson, a Playboy Radio contributor. In addition, Sheen's ex-fiancée/Spice Radio host Ginger Lynn shares stories of her relationship with him on Tiffany Granath's Playboy Radio show; and adult film star Kacey Jordan talks to Playboy Radio's Night Calls about her times with Sheen.
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This was just to good to not post about!
Wally OOT.