Friday, March 25, 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Station. They Lied... Told Ya!

Japan is FUCKED!
So Will We Be If Things Don't Change FAST!
Geo-Thermal Is da Answer In da West.
 In da East, Coal, Natural Gas, Solar and Geo-Thermal.

Wally Sez "No Nukes".

10 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Ice said...

I'm coming back.
Jus Cuz.
I wanna.
So I am.
Yep, thats a threat.
Be afraid.
Be very afraid!

Ice said...

...but I kinda forget what I'm doin'.
So... umm shit, why can't I remember how to upload a pic in my post... I clicked the add image button --- nuffin. WTF.

wallycrawler said...

This news is as big as an exploding nuclear reactor!

I love me sum Princess.

Ice said...

...funny ; )
So, question - how the FACK do I expand my borders (layout) on my page?
I'm sure I remember you doing that years ago with your blog.
It's cutting off my side crap, and I'd like to renovate and fix my sides up - but expand it too!

Lemme know if its easy enough.
I did go into layout and saw the expand sides thang, but it didn't let me do anything from there.

Oh, and P.S

wallycrawler said...

I'm very happy about my erections.

How to expand your page? OK!
Go to Design, click, template design. Bunch of stuff on there you can pick from. Then come back after you pick a page. Go to Edit HTTP. Scroll down to edit template. In there you can manipulate the size of your header, text page, side, whatever you want to do. Play around till your happy with the look.

You can also do this in the Template Designer window. It's easier there.

Have fun!

Ice said...


I will dick around with it one night this week - and try not to EFF it up!



Ice said...

Well shitcrap!

Template design says no application or some shit for chancing the borders :(

Hard way I guess... I just thought I had done that years ago with the blog and I fawked it all up!
I recall you stressing to "REMEMBER YOUR ORIGINAL SIZE as you might have to switch it back!"

hmmm... dis might not work out so well... how 'bout I give you my password and you widen it LOL!!!

wallycrawler said...

OK and you can change it back after. Ya I'll do it fer ya Princess.

Anonymous said...

I feel I'm interrupting something here. Mind yourself Mr. Wally, you be treading on my child support.

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