Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There Might Not Be Any Gold There? But There Is A Tim's

Tim Hortons strikes gold at Fort Knox

Fort Knox in Kentucky is the first U.S. military base to feature a Tim Hortons restaurant. The iconic military facility, best known as the home for one of the largest gold deposits in the world, serves more than 30,000 soldiers, their families and civilians who live and work there. The Fort Knox location continues our long-standing relationship with troops. Tim Hortons restaurants are located on seven Canadian military bases, as well as at the armed forces base Kandahar, Afghanistan.

What do you think is the coolest thing about there being a Timmies at Fort Knox?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know what I think it the coolest thing about Tim's. I have to say my ex loves Tim's. An equally cool story, when SO and I went to Florida in August we were coming back and had a layover in Atlanta. We were in a bar/restaurant. There were a bunch of miliatary guys in the airport, all in camo. Yummy!..... anyway, sorry I got sidetracked, three guys came into the place we were hanging at and ordered food. An older woman at the table next to them picked up their tab without them knowing it. When they went to pay the waitress told them the lady had gotten it. They each went up to thank her. It was VERY VERY heart warming. There really are some good people still in the world. With all the crap we read and see it is hard to remember that sometimes.

wallycrawler said...

Both stories are good.

The later story was fantastic. I got a warm feel'n on that. I love da military guys and gals. I have a guy who reads my blog all the time, he never comments I think, that is former military. Great guy and the salt of da Earth fer sure. I'm sure he agrees we owe these people a great deal. Unfortunately they are becoming "used'.

I know most people in da world are good people. Your one of them that even exceeds that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wally and appreciate the fact that you realize that. I'm by no means perfect but I usually try to do my best.

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